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Ujet Electric Scooter: Is This How Young People Will Get Interested in Two Wheels? (with video)

Picking up a test bike recently from a Japanese OEM, I spoke with a motorcycle industry veteran briefly about the topic on everyone’s mind, i.e., how do we get young people interested in motorcycling?  How do we get them away from their cell phones and social media long enough for them to learn to love motorcycles? Maybe a machine introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Las Vegas earlier this week provides a clue.

The Ujet electric scooter isn’t powerful (it has a top speed of 30 mph, or so), isn’t inexpensive (the longer-range version will cost close to $10,000), and it certainly isn’t attractive by traditional motorcycle design standards. Nevertheless, after watching the video (take a look below), maybe it will push the right buttons for Millennials, and even younger riders.

It’s electric, and therefore perceived as environmentally friendly.  It charges in just a couple of hours, and comes in two versions with ranges of 43 miles or 93 miles. It even folds up nicely to store in your garage (or apartment). You could probably wheel it into your office if you commuted on it to work.

The Ujet connects to your iOS or Android phone, and you can use the phone to unlock the scooter, obtain directions, monitor performance and battery level, etc.

Rather than get into all of the design details, take a look at the  following summary from Ujet, and the short video at the bottom of this page. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

Key features of the Ujet electric scooter include:

Clean technologies: All elements of the Ujet electric scooter were built to be friendly to the user and environment alike. It offers a high performance smart battery available in two sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km (approximately 43 mi) or 150 km (approximately 93 mi), and can be charged from any regular power socket. About the size of a cabin-size suitcase, the battery is removable, portable, and rollable, allowing for easy and convenient transport.

Connectivity solutions: For smart and easy control, riders can control their Ujet electric scooter directly through their iOS or Android app. Riders can unlock their scooters with their smartphone, receive step-by-step directions to where it is parked, share it remotely with friends and family, and can disable it remotely if the anti-theft protection sends a warning that the scooter has moved without their command. What’s more, the app allows riders to monitor scooter performance, including battery level, mileage, saved carbon dioxide emissions, and more, as well as easy access to customer support with locations of nearest service shops, and the ability to easily communicate with a dedicated support team.

Additionally, a personalized touch interface provides easy access to navigation, voice control, music streaming, telephony functions, and the front-facing HD camera, which can take video that can be later downloaded and transferred. When in motion, riders can access basic functionality of the interface using buttons on the handlebars, allowing them to focus on the road and have a safe, distraction-free experience.

The Ujet scooter also hosts numerous connectivity options, including SIM card with 3G connection, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. By actively collecting and processing the data from over 20 sensors, it can alert the rider if there is a potential issue with any of the scooter’s key components.

Advanced materials: The Ujet electric scooter is equipped with the lightest tire in its class – the world’s first nano-augmented tire. Made with applied TUBALL™ containing single-wall carbon nanotubes, the tire is equipped with strong and conducive materials that provide unprecedented performance and safety. The advanced materials within the tire increases wet and dry grip by 2x and, therefore, increases traction. Additionally, the high performance materials in the frame, which include alloy and carbon fiber composite (can be up to 40 per cent lighter than aluminum), allow the Ujet electric scooter to weigh just 43kg (95 lbs) and be robust, durable and secure at the same time.

The spoke-less orbital wheel includes a suspension system and larger diameter lightweight brakes, which offers a smooth ride, and the in-wheel electric motor combines optimized size with powerful performance (5,44 hp and 90 Nm torque), ensuring great acceleration in any conditions.

Disruptive design: Striking a balance between the high performance technology and an iconic design, the Ujet electric scooter is a combination of unique and futuristic design. When designing the electric scooter, the Ujet team turned to the organic shapes in nature, paired with contemporary architecture for inspiration. The asymmetrical and sculptural frame make the scooter look bold but also easy to handle, and the ability to quickly and easily fold and store the scooter adds to its convenience.

The Ujet electric scooter is available in the Diamond or Curved shape, with a low or high seat and small or large battery, in six colors, including Concorde White, SoHo Grey, Piccadilly Blue, Uptown Black, Bel Air Blue, and Shibuya Gold – giving every city dweller the ability to enjoy the urban mobility experience, the freedom to travel with distinctiveness, and to express themselves individually in a crowded area.

The first accessories for the electric scooter are also available, including a helmet, leather gloves and fast charger. The Ujet helmet offers leading-class protection and safety, while incorporating unique style of the Ujet. Available in the same six colors of the scooter’s body, the helmet can accommodate standard hands-free communication or a special Ujet microphone with speakers.

The Ujet touch-screen gloves, made of real leather and available in two styles and different sizes for both men and women, offer users increased protection and warmth, while being a stylish accessory at the same time. And the Ujet fast charger allows users to decrease the full battery charging time to one hour and 30 minutes for the small battery and to three hours for the large battery.

Ujet plans to launch in many European cities (Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, etc.) in the first half of 2018, followed by the U.S. (starting with California and Florida) as well as Asia in the second half of 2018. The price for the Ujet electric scooter will be targeted at around $8,900 USD for the small battery, and $9,990 USD for the large battery*. Reservations are now open at

The Ujet electric scooter will be on display, along with a virtually guided tour of the scooter and its features, in the Ujet booth in the Smart Cities section (Tech East, Westgate 2018) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Unveiled 2018 event, taking place Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018 from 5-8:30 p.m. PT in the Shorelines Exhibit Hall in Mandalay Bay, as well as throughout the duration of the CES conference.

* These prices may vary due to applicable taxes and duties.

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  1. oldjohn1951 says:

    If you want the young people on motorcycles then they have to have marketing targeted at them. Honda’s “You Meet the Nicest People…” and Kawasaki’s “Let the Good Times Roll….” were nothing more than great marketing ideas that brought people that never considered motorcycling into dealerships. Sorry, but enticing someone into motorcycling with an expensive, underpowered electric scooter just doesn’t cut it. Manufacturers need to cut loose with the marketing money and get aggressive.

  2. Scottie says:

    Young people just want self driving cars so can bury their heads in their phones.

    • Dave says:

      Or the ability to catch up on work, or read the news, or increased safety, or faster transit speeds, or…

      A better train system would be good too, but we can’t see our way to that kind of sensibility here in the US, so self driving cars it will have to be.