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Honda Brings Back Iconic Monkey

The platform for the modern looking Grom underpins the new Honda Monkey, a retro-styled machine replacing the Z50 Monkey that ended production last year after being available for 50 years.

Featuring the same 125cc air-cooled engine from the Grom, it should make just over 9 horsepower. Modern features such as upside-down forks and disc brakes, together with LED lighting and digital instrumentation, make the Monkey 125 a thoroughly modern machine from the standpoint of function, if not form.

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  1. WGeoffrey Hill says:

    Liked this. Found out not coming to U.S. Went to bike shop and bought a new Suzi Van Van 200. Better size for me. Cool bike. Breaking in motor every day. Up to 70 miles.

    • My2Cents says:

      The Van Van is really cool. The retro look and that DR 200 motor will go a long way.

  2. Sean says:

    Looking forward to youtube videos of millennials doing “dank whoolies” and crashing these things on groups rides. Good time ahead!