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Husqvarna Announces U. S. Availability of Svartpilen 701 (with video)

The more upright, dirt track-inspired Svartpilen 701, sibling to the Vitpilen 701 we tested and loved, is officially heading to U.S. dealerships next month.

The Svartpilen 701 shares the same 693cc single-cylinder engine with the Vitpilen – making a claimed 75 horsepower and 53 foot/pounds of torque. Pricing has not been announced, but we expect it to be in the neighborhood of $12,000 – similar to the Vitpilen 701 pricing. Here is the announcement from Husqvarna:

Husqvarna Motorcycles takes a further step towards fulfilling their progressive vision of street motorcycling by announcing the release of the SVARTPILEN 701. This thrilling new model, which was first introduced during the 2018 EICMA International Motorcycle show in Milan, will be available to the North American market starting April of 2019. 

A flat-track inspired street explorer, the SVARTPILEN 701 is the latest addition to the pioneering VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN motorcycle range. With the SVARTPILEN 701 offering an exciting riding experience both within the city and beyond, Husqvarna Motorcycles is poised to make this inspiring new model the highlight among the brand’s 2019 ‘Real Street’ model line-up.

The SVARTPILEN 701 – Black Arrow, in Swedish – is designed to appeal to style-conscious motorcycle enthusiasts while offering outstanding performance in all riding conditions. Featuring a sleek, flat-track inspired design, the SVARTPILEN 701 is built around a powerful single-cylinder engine that offers outstanding power and torque. With the SVARTPILEN 701 providing fully-adjustable WP suspension, exceptional stopping power is guaranteed thanks to the combination of Brembo brakes and the latest Bosch ABS technology. 


  • Simple yet progressive design
  • The most advanced single cylinder engine on the market (692.7 cc)
  • High quality components & technology as standard
  • Up/down Easy Shift
  • Ride-by-wire throttle
  • Traction control
  • Cutting edge Bosch ABS & Brembo brakes
  • Fully-adjustable WP suspension
  • Slipper clutch
  • Premium LED lights

SVARTPILEN 701 riders have the opportunity to personalize their motorcycle with a dedicated additional range of original parts. Husqvarna Motorcycles also offer an extensive line-up of riding gear and accessories, designed to suit the style and needs of modern-day motorcyclists.

For further details on pricing and availability of the SVARTPILEN 701, contact your local dealership.

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  1. Twindog says:

    Ha ha – transformer pellet.
    …and thats a slam on the transformer. Ha ha.

  2. TimC says:

    Something is wrong with threaded comments/replies. So this is for Ralph W:

    That’s like, your opinion, poopy pants.

  3. gpokluda says:

    And your point is?

  4. Ralph W. says:

    Most of the negativity here is just an emotional response to this bike’s looks – a good example of human foolishness. Can you imagine what the comments would be if they had made this bike with exactly the same components, performance, handling and weight, but made it look like a British bike from the ‘60s. They would say – “brilliant, amazing, worth every cent, exactly what I’ve been looking for, take my money now.”

    Husqvarna has produced a brilliant motorcycle but most people are too ignorant to realize it. Are you real motorcyclists or just posers? Grow up you guys.

  5. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    I wonder if manufactures ever read these website blogs, before deciding what peeps want ?

  6. Neal says:

    A lot of moaning about the value proposition here. This is a luxury good for yuppies with tech money on the coasts who are willing and able to pay extra for exclusivity and distinct design.

  7. Anonymous says:

    People that feel this bike’s appearance is just fine are the same folks that feel Yoko Ono is beautiful and can sing. Must be wearing Lennon’s old glasses.

  8. Hot Dog says:

    This thing has a little bit of MT-01 design in it. I can only imagine what a blast it must be to ride. Looks are relative to personal tastes, guess that’s why I don’t have a poseur/cruiser in my garage. As far as the cost goes, 12 big ones would be easy to spend if all of the parts were bought separately. I like it, but then I don’t get my panties in a bunch if something comes along and I don’t completely understand it.

  9. TimC says:

    I didn’t know you could pilen svart that high.

  10. Mikey says:

    But how do you know when it’s upside down???

  11. DR007 says:

    I see this bike hit a nerve. Personally, bikes are overpriced and ruining the market. We need younger riders to keep the future of motorcycling alive. I like retro and I like those who step out of the box on design. For $12K, I can search dealer lots for new left overs and come away with more bike or less bike, have fun without emptying my wallet. I like Husky, but this bike is ugly as hell!

  12. Sensible Guy says:

    God this is UGLY!!!!!!!
    Whatever happened to the back of it – where did it go ?
    Sorry, I have to go and be sick now…

  13. Mick says:

    Here it is. The closest thing to a decent street bike that the industry has made in a very long time. And if the MD guys think it’s ugly and costs too much, then it must not have retro styling and must not have a high enough cylinder, and weight, count.

    It still doesn’t hit my personal target for the street bike industry of 350 wet pounds for an electric start 80hp bike. But it is getting a whole lot closer than the huge garbage barge load of 500 pound 100hp bikes that the industry has been puking out.

  14. sburns2421 says:

    The Husky street bikes make me re-question the old theory that moto-journalist reviews are bought and paid for by powerful manufacturers that use their influence to gain favorable reviews. Advertising for print, perhaps test bike availability or launch invites for online.

    They are so incredibly ugly (even worse in person than in pictures), overpriced with limited usability, I question who exactly the intended buyer is for the range. And yet read reviews and an inexperienced rider with more credit worthiness than taste would think this is the perfect bike for him.

    Look for these to populate craigslist in a few years for a fraction of that they cost new. A CX500 Deluze for the new generation

  15. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    As blogged several hours ago and not yet published, this bike looks like a scrap bin of metal bits and pipes. Even this collection could be more attractive with some shiny color, a proper rear fender, and a little silvery metal ( aluminum, chrome, nickel plate something bright ). The performance numbers are nice, 350 pounds, even a flat seat, but black everything is the absence of light, not macho machinery.
    It will always depend on vibration with a big single and we need to know about that. Price – – too expensive for a lack of any style, even confused.

  16. MacSpoone says:

    $12k for the ugliest bike I’ve seen in decades? I don’t care HOW much it was loved during it’s testing. A bike has to have some panache’, some’s gotta be attractive. And this? This looks like the south-bound end of a north-bound camel..


  17. gpokluda says:

    Wow. Talk about a bike that completely missed the mark. I think a big single powered roadster would do well in the US, but this ain’t it. Sure wish Yamaha would bring back the SRX6.

    • MacSpoone says:

      You know, I always thought that the SRX had some beautiful styling, but that it might have done better with a vertical twin motor. It’s not like Yamaha didn’t know how to build a vert 650, right?

      What with all the retro-craze happenin’, maybe the tuning fork folks will get a wild hair?

      One can only hope.

      • gpokluda says:

        Agreed. I bought a garage-find SRX6 many years ago. When I finally got everything dialed in, that bike was freaking awesome. But the tank was rusty and the carb defied logic and wore down needles like no other.

        Another bike I wish would make a comeback would be the Suzuki DR Big of the 800 variety. I had a chance to ride a grey-market one and it was one big funky bike.

  18. My2cents says:

    If I shaved it’s tail pipe and taught it to ride backwards.

  19. Asphanaut says:

    Perhaps this bike is so ugly because Husky fired all their design staff before it was created… if not, they should be fired now.
    BTW I got a real hoot out of the way some of the commenters found creative ways to say this bike is ugly. Some of my favorites, in no particular order: “it looks like something a gray whale would vomit,” “I liked the video. It actually looks better when you can’t really see it,” “She looks a lot better after a 6 pack. Better make that a 12,” “This thing better be fun to ride because as soon as it stops moving it’ll be covered in flies,” “Toss the biscuits and kill the baker,” “turn 701 upside down and whaddaya get?” “looks like a Transformer pellet,” and “Been hit way to hard with the ‘Ugly Stick’” Pretty sure Husky won’t be quoting these reviews in their brochure!

  20. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    This scrap bin of metal left overs could even look fair to middling with some color and a celebration of metal called chrome. What makes or breaks powerful singles is always the vibration, yea or nea.
    PS Why do stylists and dweebs always believe that BLACK means more than the absense of light ?
    2 x PS The seat is flat.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Very few Husky dealers in the US. I don’t think there is one inside of 3 hours away from me except for chain saw and lawnmower dealers.

  22. Tommy D says:

    These Smart/Vitpilen are the Honda GB500 and Yamaha SRX of this age. Cool looking singles that were expensive and really aren’t meant for the USA super slab roads. They are more at home in tight EU confines. I actually like the Vitpilen but found the Honda CB1000R to answer the design question better than the Husky and for almost the same price. Now you can find dealers trying to unload the leftover V’s at just under $10K. While they have better suspension and QS/Blipper function they are just not worth the premium over a 690 no matter how much you like the look. I think these bikes will be showing up in shows 20 years from now and people will point and remember their brief time in the spotlight much like the GB and SRX.

    • todd says:

      Except that this bike is more than twice as powerful as those arguably much better looking bikes.

      • My2cents says:


      • Ralph W. says:

        And this has top quality suspension, brakes and chassis. The only similarity with the GB and SRX is the engine configuration. This bike is far superior to those old singles.

        I’ve noticed that a lot of riders don’t understand the capabilities of a high quality lightweight single like this because they don’t have the skills to make use of the advantages this bike has. If you are not an aggressive rider and have no desire to learn advanced skills you may as well just ride a heavier bike because you won’t be quick on anything.

  23. European says:

    You american people just have no taste at all:) Everything you produce there is Ugly or hasn’t evolved at all:D Enjoy your big block bad quality cars and ugly bikes. And if you are worried about the price, this bike was not meant for you anyways.. But comparing it with Triumph is just wrong, because triumph does not stand out in any ways at all in anything:)

    • Bud says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Make it the last time.

    • motowarrior says:

      One way in which Triumph stands out is that it will have sold a few thousand good looking and reasonably priced motorcycles before the first person plunks down his money for this incredibly ugly piece of emperor’s clothing.

    • Oz says:

      European says: “But comparing it with Triumph is just wrong, because triumph does not stand out in any ways at all in anything”

      Triumph’s Street Triple 765R is bike of the year. I have one and will tell you it is outstanding. Since you obviously don’t know, go test ride one.

    • Jeremy says:

      Aside from making poor quality big block cars and ugly primitive motorcycles, I guess we apparently get out feelings hurt easily, too.

    • Reginald Van Blunt says:

      I resent being called a people, – – – we are motorcyclists. So there !

    • Motoman says:

      I guess I was the only one that took this as scarcasm? I thought the smiley faces were the give-away!

    • Mick says:

      They stopped making big block cars quite a while ago. They were interesting distractions.

      You can’t even get a big block truck anymore, unless you get a diesel.

      You are right that the US does need a style overhaul. Maybe it will fall to us to reinvent a tail section that doesn’t need a satellite fender to keep mud off of the rider. That would redeem us a little methinks.

  24. steveinsandiego says:

    turn 701 upside down and whaddaya get? lOL

  25. Mikey says:

    There are many bikes in that price range that will blow it away in looks, performance and most likely reliability.
    Their target audience most likely can’t afford it unless it’s in the $8000 price range, and even then…..

    • Ralph W. says:

      “There are many bikes in that price range that will blow it away”

      You mean in a straight line or on a race track. But in real-world road riding, no they won’t.

    • Asphanaut says:

      Let me see if I can finish your sentence:

      “Their target audience most likely can’t afford it unless it’s in the $8000 price range, and even then…..”…. their target audience won’t want it unless they’re giving it away.”

  26. Jeremy says:

    I really liked the 401’s. I really liked the 701 Vitpilen. But something here has been lost in translation.

  27. Dave says:

    So, what if I told you that there was more involved in determining the cost of a vehicle than the number of cylinders it’s engine has? FWIW, this is priced around the same as Honda’s new 450cc dual sport, which leverages a lot of content from a shared platform that presumably is made in higher volumes, at a lower cost than this, or even the KTM’s it’s based on.

    Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to a thread below but, mobile…

    • Anonymous says:

      The money spent in creating and then building it sure didn’t go into making the bike attractive.

      This thing better be fun to ride because as soon as it stops moving it’ll be covered in flies.

      • Dave says:

        Irony is, a lot of money probably did go into making it look like it does. Lots of proprietary tooled parts, from the headlight back.

        I kind of like its look, even if I’m not really moved by them. I prefer it to the orange wannabe-origami look of the ktm’s, which I find pretty off putting.

  28. Anonymous says:

    That’s a lot of money to show people you’re blind and tasteless. And MotorcycleDaily sez they “loved” the first 701? “Loved”? Really…You “loved” an inanimate object that looks like a Transformer pellet?

    Like Woody Allen axed about Rags the robotic dog in the film, “Sleeper”, “Does he leave little batteries lying around?”. This thing is a turd.

    Polish away.

  29. bmbktmracer says:

    Toss the biscuits and kill the baker.

  30. 5229 says:

    Man that thing is ugly. Wow, that’s all I can say.

  31. That even makes KTMs look good

  32. Dirty Bob says:

    Quote:I could teach a millenial how to use a dial phone in 10 seconds. After 5 years, my mother still can’t figure out how to use her iPhone. Which generation is the smart one?
    Me: Apple Programmers have never followed the main rule of software development; KISS

  33. Dirty Bob says:

    KTM Baby
    Half a bike and twice the price.

  34. Tyrone says:

    Holy crap, the Bathtub Triumph has been resurrected and It’s even uglier the second time around.

  35. John says:

    KTM destroyed Husky. SWM is the new Husky. This started off with possibilities for a kickass scrambler and ended up a useless overpriced monstrosity.

  36. pats says:

    Very ugly bike with a high selling price. Might be good though. But just because of the look alone, I’m not even interested.

  37. Jabe says:

    She looks a lot better after a 6 pack. Better make that a 12.

  38. DucDynasty says:

    I rode a Husky 250WR in 1972, when I was 21 years old. Watching this video and getting glimpses of old 2-stroke dirt bikes, does nothing to light my fire for this bike.
    BTW – what would this one do that my Suzuki SV-650 doesn’t?

    • Ralph W. says:

      “what would this one do that my Suzuki SV-650 doesn’t?”

      More power, much less weight and much, much better handling, that’s what. The SV650 is a very basic and capable all-rounder but nothing to get really excited about. For an aggressive rider the Svartpilen 701 is sheer beauty, not because of its looks, but because of its handling and exceptional capabilities. I back-it-in on my V-Strom 650 but I would have never learnt to do it on that bike. This Husky is so much better if you like to ride on the ‘wild side’ than almost everything else on the market. If you want to become a highly skilled rider a bike like this will teach you. I love it. Shame about the price, but the best doesn’t come cheap.

  39. Dave says:

    I love this bike. The styling isn’t great and the price is way too high so I won’t be buying one but I still love the concept.

  40. mickey says:

    I liked the video. It actually looks better when you can’t really see it.

  41. RonH says:

    The reality is that it’s only a thumper and… $12k for a thumper? It should be $7k, $8k maybe.

    • Dave says:

      Why is a one-cylinder bike worth less than a two or three cylinder bike (not that I would pay $12k for this, either)?

    • HalfBaked says:

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to impart your wisdom upon us. We know a lot of your days is spent standing on the porch shouting at the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn.

  42. Michael says:

    That’s a $9000 motorcycle, look what you can buy at Triumph for the same money, or plenty other manufacturers for that matter. 2018 Duke 690’s can be bought new right now for less than 8k.

  43. Tank says:

    Another great bike that probably won’t sell because of looks and price.

  44. Daytona James says:

    Been hit way to hard with the ‘Ugly Stick’. Perhaps if they used the other end of the stick…

  45. Weik says:

    Too bad it doesn’t look like the Svartpilen 401 with the spoke wheels, rack on the tank and aggressive tires.

  46. Chris says:

    Try as I might …

  47. Gary says:

    Might be a brilliantly engineered bike but it looks like something a gray whale would vomit.

  48. RonH says:

    What a worthless video. When will MC manufacturers realize people would rather see a technical review of the new bike? I guess it works for millennials who can’t figure out how a hammer works.

    • Dave says:

      I think you’re right, they’re trying to reach younger/millennial riders (who are far smarter than you’re giving them credit for), which is smart. Isn’t it ironic that they’re using a heritage that none of them are old enough to remember? I think they’re still going to be hamstrung by marketing channels and dealer network.

      • RonH says:

        Well yes, millennials are phone smart. That is unless they’re confronted with a dial phone.

        • Anonymous says:

          I could teach a millenial how to use a dial phone in 10 seconds. After 5 years, my mother still can’t figure out how to use her iPhone. Which generation is the smart one?

          • Bart says:

            I just download the Rotary Dial app…problem solved!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Maybe yo’ momma be stupid. I mean after all…She be yo’ momma. The pellet don’t fall far from the bunny’s butt, ya know.

          • Anonymous says:

            Looks like it’s time to take comment moderation a little more seriously on MD. The tone in these some of the comments here isn’t too friendly.