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Kawasaki Announces All-New 2020 KLX Off-Road Motorcycle Models

Foothill Ranch, California – Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. announces the 2020 off-road motorcycle lineup, including the ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®230 Motorcycle, the ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®230R Motorcycle, and the ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®300R Motorcycle.

ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®230 Motorcycle
Designed from the ground up for dual-purpose fun:
Kawasaki’s all-new KLX®230 dual-purpose motorcycle has been purpose-built for serious fun on the street and in the dirt. This 2020 street legal, dual-purpose motorcycle has been designed to enable riders to get out of town and enjoy the trails with confidence. The all-new, affordable, capable, and durable KLX230 extends the KLX® dual-purpose lineup.

ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®230R Motorcycle
Full size off-road bike to get out and play on the trails.
Kawasaki’s all-new KLX®230R off-road motorcycle adds to the KLX® lineup with a lightweight, maneuverable chassis with long travel suspension and a durable 233cc air-cooled engine. Taking cues from the KX™ line and Kawasaki’s racing heritage, the 2020 off-road motorcycle has been designed to ensure that there is an affordable, capable, and durable motorcycle in the KLX lineup for every rider in the family, to get out and enjoy the trails with confidence.

ALL-NEW 2020 KLX®300R Motorcycle
A new level of Kawasaki KLX® off-road motorcycle performance.
The all-new Kawasaki KLX®300R off-road motorcycle bridges the gap between a weekend play bike and a full race bike. As the leader of the KLX® lineup, the KLX300R combines the best of both engine and chassis performance to create the ultimate lightweight, fun off-road machine. The KLX300 features a powerful 292cc liquid cooled engine, lightweight perimeter frame, and trail-tuned long travel suspension.

In addition, the following off-road motorcycles are returning for 2020:

KX™ Model Range

KLX® Model Range (Dual-Purpose)
KLX®250 Camo

KLX® Model Range (Off-Road)