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Drysdale V-8 Looking for Customers in MotoGP Series

How much horsepower does a 988 cc V-8 engine spinning at 22,000 rpm put out? Buy one from the Drysdale Motorcycle Company and find out. According to a press release from Drysdale (reprinted below), this engine is in development for use in next year’s MotoGP series. No horsepower figure is quoted, but the engine is impressively light at 52 kilos (114 pounds) “complete with electrics”. So, for those of you developing privateer MotoGP teams for next year, your engine is waiting in Australia.

The Drysdale Motorcycle Co. has designed an all new 988cc V8 engine for the MotoGP class – it is currently at the mockup stage (see photo). With the experience gained from the design and fabrication of the Drysdale 750-V8 road bikes – Drysdale is confident that the MotoGP 988-V8 will be a very competitive package. Drysdale plans to draw on the wealth of motor sport knowledge and experience in Australia – from companies such as engine management specialists MoTec to specialist magnesium foundries and
world class metallurgical facilities.

With the 2002 Grand Prix season seeing the return of 4 strokes as the premier world motorcycle racing class for the first time in over 25 years – the MotoGP class is promising to become the cutting edge class of racing – on 2 wheels or 4. The starting grid will be made up of a core of the major manufacturers with 5 “satellite” teams – it is to one of these teams that Drysdale plans to supply engines to be fitted to the teams own chassis. (In a similar manner to Formula One car racing teams)

One thing has not changed in the 45 years since Ing.Carcano designed the amazing Moto Guzzi 500-V8 Grand Prix racebike – a V8 configuration still offers the best combination of power, weight, balance and frontal area. The Drysdale 988-V8 customer spec. motor will actually be smaller in physical size than the Guzzi 500-V8 – and more compact than most configurations being considered by the other MotoGP teams.

988cc - 8 cylinder
80 degree vee configuration.  (Front cylinder at 30 deg. from horizontal)
Length -	450 mm
Width  -	380 mm  (At crank centreline)
Height -	400 mm 
Mass -		52 kg complete with electrics.
Lubrication -	dry sump  ( 4 pumps )
Cooling -	twin pump "reverse" flow liquid cooling.
Electrical -	36 volt alternator.
Redline -	20,000 rpm  (22,000 with development)
Drysdale Motorcycle Company
Postal:	P.O. Box 285   Dandenong  VIC. 3175   Australia
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