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Moto Guzzi and Hammarhead Industries Combine to Create Stripped Down “V7 Wayward”

Do you like your bikes stripped of every unnecessary frill?  If you do, the latest creation by Hammarhead Industries, in cooperation with Moto Guzzi, just might be your cup of tea.

The V7 Wayward starts life as a Moto Guzzi V7 Café Classic, which then gets the Hammarhead touch.  No specifications are provided, but the Hammarhead must be substantially lighter than the stock bike, and will certainly make more power with the intake, exhaust and fuel mapping modifications.  Below is part of a press release concerning the unveiling of the V7 Wayward in New York last Friday.


Moto Guzzi USA, the North American importer of the Piaggio Group’s iconic Moto Guzzi motorcycle brand, known for its high quality craftsmanship, iconic design, rich heritage and originality, teamed up with Philly-based Hammarhead Industries, widely known for their simple, clean designs and modern interpretations of iconic motorcycles, to unveil a new custom Moto Guzzi V7, the V7 Wayward, whose build platform is a Moto Guzzi V7 Café Classic. Inspired by the ‘ode to vintage cool with a modern head-turning twist,’ as part of Moto Guzzi’s brand DNA, the new custom V7 Wayward, will be unveiled in New York City at the Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel tonight at 7pm EST.

“The choice to collaborate with Hammarhead Industries was an easy one,” said Melissa R. MacCaull, vice president of marketing, Piaggio Group Americas. “Just like with Moto Guzzi, James Hammarhead and team create two-wheel works of art that fulfill a lifestyle need and want, with the right amount of vintage cool and modern flair.”

“The historic Moto Guzzi V7 vehicle range sparked our interest and proved to be the ideal platform for this project ,” said James Hammarhead, founder, Hammarhead Industries. “The goal of the V7 Wayward was to create a Hammarhead bike that could take on the urban commute with appropriate functionality, break free for fast and light travel and ultimately enhance the rider’s experience.”

Sample V7 Wayward Features:

  • Simplified bodywork – Reduced weight, visually lightening the motorcycle
  • Performance – High flow K&N air filters, custom exhaust and remapped fuel injection
  • Suspension – Performance fork springs and rear shocks
  • Ergonomics – Mid-rise bars and wide footpegs give an upright riding position with plenty of room to move around in the saddle
  • Design – Classic 7-inch teardrop headlight shell housing a small speedometer; low profile, high visibility LED turn signals and two-inch round brake light
  • Storage – Wax cotton panniers with internal aluminum frame


  1. HalfBaked says:

    Man I could have made a bundle selling cheese to go with all this whine.

  2. Dave Kent says:

    Lots of negative comments, but I gotta say I love it. I think most motorcyclists subconsciously expect the first glimpse of a bike to conjure up familiar feelings that reflect past pleasant experiences and times they’ve had, usually involving a bike. Can’t put it into words, but this one does that for me.

  3. Larry says:

    I finally got off my duff and bought a Guzzi Griso last year and have no regrets! I have always loved the lines of the guzzi and this one simplifies those line to a T ! Real Nice !

  4. kjazz says:

    I just bought a pair of retro moto-x gloves from Hammarhead. They are very cool and well made (over priced but what the hell). I like a lot of Hammarhead’s stuff. But not this one (MG). There are some very basic “balance” issues in the overall aesthetic that need reconsideration. Or….they could just crush it and get on with life.

  5. wayne says:

    i can understand doing it on a wrecked bike but there is something wrong about taking a new bike a striping it down like this.

  6. Jamo says:

    My Guzzi dealer won’t allow me in the dealership since I changed my mind and took back my deposit on a Griso. Otherwise, I’d be going back for more. Non-insane Guzzi dealers are hard to find.

  7. toddol1971 says:

    this atrocity looks like a bike someone is selling on craigslist. The thing you dont know is it was wrecked, hammered out, and left all the stock bits off to sell as a custom. Those waxed cotton saddlebags must be left over Italian military lunch bags. All I can muster is a HORRIBLE. My ten year old could make that in 30 min.

  8. Austin ZZr1200 says:

    You people…have no taste. I’m diggin’ the design.

    • Hefner says:

      Don’t you think they messed up the tank big-time? I didn’t think it was possible, but it makes even the Guzzi engine look small… The rest of the bike is neat in a retro sort of way, but I can’t get past the hugeness of the tank.

      • Norm G. says:

        i can’t get past the awesome brushed ally finish of the tank. the only kit that have those are panigale’s and corse livery superbikes.

      • Austin ZZr1200 says:

        The way the tank, cylinder head, transmission and exhaust/ cat converter is stacked in a chunky way is nicely offset by the black headlamp, battery and side bag. I think its one of those things that probably looks better in person as well.

  9. Gary says:

    Ok, I think it’s pretty much unanamious, this design (if that’s what you want to call it) SUCKS! Moto Guzzi better ignore this company and do things there way, it turns out much better than this.

  10. VintageDirt says:

    The only thing missing is the chrome flush handle.

  11. bill says:

    I wish they had started with a 1200 Griso

  12. Bob-o says:

    Know how after you see something for the first time and don’t like it at all?
    But then you come back for a second look and it looks better?
    This isn’t one of those times
    I’m seeing a 1972 Honda SL350…..but the Honda looked great!

  13. Norm G. says:

    nice, nice baby…! (queen/bowie guitar riff)

  14. kjazz says:

    a swing and a miss

  15. Jamo says:

    Who ever heard of a stripped down bagger? Is that supposed to be iconic, or something?

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    In eastern Pennsylvania this construction would be called Dutchifying.

  17. Jim says:

    Looks like it has wheelflop

  18. Neil says:

    1. It needs some cool paint
    2. that bag on the back looks hideous
    3. exhaust is not finished
    4. sidecovers or some kind of cool battery box
    What is the point of showing a new bike and covering up its lines with a fugly bag?
    The designer, builder AND photographer were not thinking that day?
    Come on guys, finish the job, will ya?

  19. Bud says:

    Glad I’m not the only one not buying into this load of marketing bs.

  20. stratkat says:

    what a racket this dude has going! start with a finished product that someone has done the design/engineering/manufacture on, take off the paint, branding, hardware, and sell it for a lot more than it originally cost. not only that but you now have a way overpriced machine with lackluster performance and no paint!

    i know, i know, i dont get the aesthetics… oh wait… i do, i am a designer!

  21. Jamo says:

    I don’t get why Guzzi wouldn’t have built their own bike as light and powerful to begin with? Why do they need Hammerhead Customs? Just do it.

    Maybe the folks at Guzzi are more iconic than they are mechanical. Maybe they’re a little too iconic. What do I care if Moto Guzzi is iconic anyway? Why does every, every, every Guzzi review have to begin with a faked up story about how iconic they are as if that was some sort of an excuse for something?

    • stratkat says:

      well put!

      • Scotty the Guzzi Rider says:

        I dunno, I could ask the same of Ducati (not been going as long) or Harley (not won as many world titles). They have been going since 1921. Nobody makes bikes like them. Guzzi riders tend to do big miles on thier bikes and not follow the crowd.

        Thats about it.

        PS – I don’t like this “special” – the Stone is a better bike in so many ways.

  22. allworld says:

    I like it, clean and simple. Hammarhead must have some Amish DNA.
    Cafe racers with “bling” is not a good mix, this is much better.

  23. takehikes says:

    Nothing really innovative but I think it’s valid in showing that you can hack away at any bike and make something fun out of it. I’ve never had a Guzzi but have always liked them for , if nothing else, going their own way with the motor. I wouldn’t buy it but I could see having this.

  24. PN says:

    Wow, and I thought the Italians were the carriers and creators of beauty for the world. As Soichioro Honda said in another context, I wouldn’t pee on that thing if the engine were on fire.

  25. Ricardo says:

    I like minimalist designs like the 60’s and 70’s bikes, but this is going over board and its ugly!! this is just another reason to charge an arm and a leg for an ugly bike that looks like it was put together with bits and pieces found in a garage, no styling at all!!

  26. Gary says:


  27. MGNorge says:

    Subjectively it’s not my style. Looks like a bike that went down and was pieced back together with whatever someone had in their garage or could get from JC Whitney. The price is definitely too high for what I want in a bike. The little V7 is such a sweetheart as it is that this almost seems like murder. Oh, but well, what price exclusivity?

  28. Wendy says:

    I hadda buddy who did this to his Guzzi in ’75. Not a big whoop then, either.

  29. T. Rollie says:

    Hammarhead website said it’s avail. for $15,500. Stock Guzzi V7 Special goes for $9,190. Couldn’t I pull off the plastic covers, saw off the muffler, sand blast the tank, and bolt on a new headlight myself for less than $6,000?

  30. bad Chad says:

    Looks out of proportion to me, the tank looks like you could roast a pig in it.

  31. Russ says:

    I’m all for having some thing a little different but what is it with this bobber fashion, ‘let’s turn a respectable, well presented bike into some hideous xxxx”. seeing far too much of this now.

  32. LarryC says:

    Nope. Guzzis are great subjects for a cafe project or personalization…but not much originality here. Boring and uninspired.

  33. Bob-o says:

    Nothing works with this design.
    Ye Gads!

  34. Ed Chambers says:

    I love it.I’d love it even more without the weird blue saddle bag.If you must put a saddle bag on your stripped to the bone bobber it should at least be leather.

    • Chris says:

      I agree. The saddle bag looks like a recycled mail box. And we all know where the Postal Service is going.

  35. Home Skillet says:

    Looks like a Craigslist “bobber” project bike.

  36. Crusty Kris says:

    It supposed to look BETTER when you strip parts away. Fail.

  37. ApriliaRST says:

    I think that bike is absolutely awesome. What a riot that’d be to take on a cross-country ride.


  38. randy says:

    I usually like Hammarhead bikes, but…. I think the stock V7 bikes look better.

  39. Tuskerdu says:


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