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Husky Unveils Production Versions of VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 at EICMA




Husqvarna has finally unveiled production versions of their uniquely-styled VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401, along with a new VITPILEN 401 AERO concept, at the EICMA show in Milan earlier today. Both bikes feature a 375cc single-cylinder engine and reflect Swedish minimalism.

Referring to the bikes as “honest” and “refreshingly simple and progressive,” the VITPILEN has café racer ergonomics, while the SVARTPILEN has a more upright, dirt bike-style seating position. Here are all the details from Husky:

Husqvarna Motorcycles have today taken the covers off its production VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 machines, while also introducing the all-new concept VITPILEN 401 AERO at the 2016 EICMA show held in Milan, Italy. These three new models on display at EICMA along with the VITPILEN 701 concept bike form part of Husqvarna’s exciting new range of ‘Real Street’ motorcycles.

With the introduction of these four pure state-of-the-art models Husqvarna Motorcycles today takes an important step towards fulfilling its progressive vision of street motorcycling.



The first two models of the ‘Real Street’ range will be the VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401, with Husqvarna Motorcycles fully focused on rolling them out at Authorized Dealers by late Spring 2018 for the North American market. True to the brand’s high quality, performance and design standards, these two models pave the way for an astounding future in the on-road segment.

Also launched at EICMA 2016 is the VITPILEN 401 AERO concept, a single-cylinder machine that is the perfect interpretation of what a 21st century faired motorcycle should look like, according to Husqvarna.

Returning to EICMA twelve months after being unveiled for the first time, the VITPILEN 701 is a progressive big-bore single-cylinder motorcycle concept designed to deliver a thrilling riding experience.




Launching Husqvarna’s new ‘Real Street’ range the VITPILEN 401 is a refreshingly simple and progressive urban street motorcycle that provides a new gateway into the motorcycling culture for a wider range of riders. Recognized and globally awarded for its unique design the VITPILEN 401 presented at EICMA 2016 is set to hit the showrooms by late Spring 2018.

Devoid of any excess and focused on providing a pure riding experience the VITPILEN 401 features a technologically advanced single-cylinder 375 cc engine that is housed in a stripped down but progressive layout. Offering excellent performance the bike appeals to an entirely new generation of riders looking for an honest and highly accessible machine.


  • Pure & progressive design
  • Sleek bodywork forming clean lines
  • Accessible riding position
  • Modern fuel-injected engine
  • Lightweight steel-trellis frame
  • Unique steel-aluminium exhaust
  • 2.5 Gallon fuel tank
  • Long single seat
  • Premium LED lights
  • WP suspension
  • Slipper clutch
  • Bosch 9.11MB two-channel ABS system
  • Sporty clip-on handlebars
  • Street-focused Metzeler M5 tyres



Forming part of Husqvarna’s ‘Real Street’ bike range, the SVARTPILEN 401 is a modern day interpretation of a street explorer. Featuring a bold and rugged appearance it offers a progressive new way for potential riders to experience motorcycling.

Beyond its unique styling the SVARTPILEN 401 has a high focus on everyday functionality thus featuring rugged knobby tyres, a practical tank rack and more robust protection all-over.

Built around a similar chassis and engine philosophy to its VITPILEN 401 sibling, the SVARTPILEN 401 offers a more upright riding position thanks to its wider motocross-styled bars. The finished version of the SVARTPILEN 401 presented at EICMA 2016 is also expected to hit the showrooms by late Spring 2018.




  • Rugged street explorer
  • High focus on functionalityStandard skid plate & tank rack
  • Two single seats with high-quality fabric
  • Modern fuel-injected engine
  • Lightweight steel-trellis frame
  • Unique exhaust with robust protector
  • 2.5 Gallon fuel tank
  • Premium LED lights
  • WP suspension
  • Slipper clutch
  • Bosch 9.11MB two channels ABS system
  • Wide off-road style handlebars
  • Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres



Drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic past the VITPILEN 401 AERO is a compact single-cylinder ‘Real Street’ concept motorcycle that ideally depicts Husqvarna’s interpretation of how a faired bike should look like.

Offering an innovative design approach, the VITPILEN 401 AERO concept features an aerodynamic fairing that seems to have been moulded by the wind itself. With every part of its windshield being purely technical, increased amounts of air are now channelled through to the engine to regulate cooling.

Compared to its VITPILEN 401 sibling, the all-new windshield gives the AERO a fuller appearance while allowing the front and the rear ends of the bike to perfectly match each other. With the design of the windshield now encouraging a more locked-in position, the rider’s helmet becomes part of the airflow in what is a fully immersive riding position.


At EICMA 2015, the introduction of the all-new VITPILEN 701 concept motorcycle represented a bold step into new territory. Forming part of the brand’s ‘Real Street’ motorcycle range, the mighty big-bore single-cylinder machine is designed to offer raw and authentic riding pleasure.

Inspired by the same unique design approach that runs through the VITPILEN family, the VITPILEN 701 perfectly represents Husqvarna’s progressive vision for high performance street motorcycles.

The VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 production models, as well as the new VITPILEN 401 AERO and VITPILEN 701 concept motorcycles will be on show for the duration of the 74th EICMA in Milan on the Husqvarna Motorcycles booth, Hall 18 booth M60.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. John says:

    Looks like they’ve already cut down the front wheel to 17″. That makes it a non-starter for me. They’re obviously out to look the part and I don’t give a crap about that. I want a real scrambler.

  2. mechanicus says:

    “…monkey humping a football…”

  3. EGS says:

    Different but tasty in an odd way – like eating bison for the first time.

    Black looks better than white in the photos with the Aero probably the best looking of the lot. This is one that will have to be seen in person to get a true sense of the aesthetics.

  4. John says:

    I think these a great, though I’d REALLY like the Svartpilen to be a real modern scrambler with decent off roading capability. I guess we’ll see if it ever makes it here.

  5. Don says:

    Good looking bikes. Nice to see something new out there. I look forward to seeing one in person. I was just about to say too bad I won’t be able to because there probably isn’t a dealer within 200 miles, but lo and behold, I did a dealer search, and they have a dealer right here in town. Perhaps I’ll be getting a new bike come springtime. Liking the Vit currently, but we have enough dirt roads around here that the SV could be worth the extra road noise.

  6. Kent Taylor says:

    I applaud Husqvarna/KTM for being very bold with this design. We certainly didn’t need another bike like the latest offerings from Yamaha and Kawasaki; more oddly-shaped plastic body pieces tacked on, with no styling goal in mind.

    It reminds me of Ducati’s decision to introduce its first Monster; it looked strange back then, but for some reason, I just couldn’t stop staring at it. I eventually owned one, loved it…and the company is still making it today. Twenty years later! Not many other models have survived such a stretch.

    I do wish it had a more traditional rear fender. And Husky needs to be clear about that rack on the tank…storage? Modern day tank bag? And te price point needs to be in line with a single cylinder, small displacement machine. Under $7900…hopefully.

  7. Jeremy in TX says:

    I guess I’m in the minority by really liking these bikes. I thought they did a really good job of staying true to concept. And I really liked the concepts. I’m not in the market for a small displacement street bike, but I would go for one of these if I were.

  8. Tim C says:

    SVARTPILEN? What the hell’s next, the SLARTIBARTFAST?

  9. mkv says:

    So Husky just chopped up a 390 Duke and called it a new model.

  10. beasty says:

    Odd looking motorcycles. Almost not ugly.

  11. Frank says:

    Very cool looking bikes. The SV version might make a good everyday ride. The other version may work for the younger guys…

  12. VEGA says:

    For the love of God, please make a Twitter account… I know you’ve an RSS news feed, but who use RSS nowadays…? Trust me, you’ll get a TON more views with The Social Media integration…!

  13. Grover says:

    Well, they certainly are different!

  14. Larry K says:

    That rack-thing on the tank top is going to hurt your dick. Or grab your pussy.

  15. Sean says:

    The seat looks like it came off one of those motorcycle arcade games.

  16. Johnny ro says:

    I like seeing the dome over combustion chamber on the left. Cool casting idea. The fairing reminds of old NSU. Otherwise..prefer a 20 year old Monster.

  17. Butch says:

    Congrats to Husqvarna for dethroning the Bimota DB3 as the most hideous motorbike ever produced.

  18. xLaYN says:

    Weird… I don’t get it… maybe I’m getting old, for me the 954RR has the lines that would never go away… or the 998 if you like European stuff.

    But somewhere this has to be trendy… assuming Husky did their homework and actually want to sell something.

  19. tuskerdu says:

    Looks horrible.

  20. todd says:

    I like them, I’d just need to add a tail section. I don’t quite understand why they chopped a big hole in the top of the rear fender. Does it work better to have stuff fly up towards the seat?

  21. GoodlyRun says:


  22. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    You basket of deplorables have no taste. These bikes are beautiful!

    • Tom K. says:

      Austin, that comment is sure to cost you some votes…
      As to the bikes, I leave that to the eye of the beholder. Maybe if your passenger has a butt like Gumby.

  23. Neal says:

    I’m surprised at the negativity. This looks absolutely fantastic. This is what Yamaha wishes it’s FZ’s looked like.

  24. Scott says:

    What is up with the MD crowd? When the concepts for these bikes were shown, you guys went bananas over them! Stick some mirrors and a fender on the thing and all of a sudden it’s the most horrific thing you’ve ever seen?

    I really can’t understand where this comes from… But it sure explains a lot.

  25. oldjohn1951 says:

    I’m sure it’s a well made machine; very styish. However, the riding position looks inspired from an Elizabethan torture device….sorry, not for me.

  26. Motowarrior says:

    OK, so they are really ugly. But then again, they have catchy, memorable names. Craig V. is actually doing fine, BTW, knowing he has absolutely nothing to do with these swing and a miss bikes.

  27. Motowarrior says:

    OK, so they are really ugly. But then again, they have catchy, memorable names. Craig V. is actually doing fine, BTW, knowing he has absolutely nothing to do with these swing and a miss bikes.

  28. dave911 says:

    Trying to find redeeming lines in the aesthetics, but they’re just not there. Lost something in the transition from gorgeous concept to gross production vehicle. Bummer.

  29. Artem says:

    “ant style” again.

  30. SteveM says:

    Pure ugliness

  31. azi says:

    AKA Tracy replica body kit for KTM390

  32. Don says:

    Without a doubt the ugliest bike I have ever seen. Straight to the trash with this one…

  33. WJF says:

    I’m surprised the Husky name isn’t in braille….

  34. bmbktmracer says:

    Fire the moldmaker and then destroy the mold.

  35. Tim says:

    Good luck selling any of these. Time for Husky to find a new designer.

  36. Andrew says:

    Craig Vetter and the Triumph Hurricane are dying a painful death…

  37. richard says:

    man..that is ugly…looks more electric !

  38. mickey says:

    These will undoubtedly appeal to someone. Just not to me.

    • Bart says:

      …Yeah, to the douchebag beardos in my town, ‘cept they don’t have the coin for anything new. Back to chopped 400cc Kawasakis!

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