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EU 25% Tariff on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Arrives Sooner Than Expected

The European Union was expected to impose a tariff on large-displacement motorcycles manufactured in the U.S., primarily impacting Harley-Davidson, next month. That 25% tariff, however, has been moved up, and will be effective tomorrow.

We have previously commented on the challenges faced by Harley with the aging of its primary demographic, and the difficulty of bringing younger riders into the brand. These new tariffs imposed by the EU arrive on the heels of U.S. import tariffs that increase the cost of some of Harley’s raw materials, including steel and aluminum. The cumulative effect of all this will undoubtedly be very significant to the company’s finances.

In the political tug-of-war that is currently taking place, it is probably no coincidence that the state of Wisconsin, home of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Harley-Davidson, is being particularly hard hit by EU tariffs.

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  1. SmokinRZ says:

    Sons of arthritis hahahah

  2. ALFY says:

    Hard hit? not my opinion. The Sportster line, may be a little, but not the “big” Harleys. I lived 20 years in Europe. The majority of folks don’t have the funds to buy a week-end toy that expensive anyway.
    Folks who can afford the 20k+ Euros price tag of a Road King, or even a Fat Bob have their mind set already. It is a Harley they want and nothing else. Another 1900 Euros won’t make a difference at the end. Think I am wrong? Camaro ZL1 and Dodge Hellcat have been slapped with a gas guzzler tax of $1500 to $2300 depending on the configuration. Do you think it matters to those folks who can pay $75k for a car that is mostly unpractical? think again.

    • paul says:

      The point here is not that Europeans will buy more or less Harleys… the point is American jobs with Harley will be lost with some production going to Europe.

      Here is yet another example of what is beginning to take place. China retaliates by putting more restrictive tariffs on cars that are made in the USA. that is ANY car regardless of whether its a domestic brand or not. So, now Daimler AG which builds some cars in the U.S. will pull production back to Europe so that it can continue to sell those same cars to China. Now more American jobs are lost and those jobs go to Europe. And it goes on and on.

  3. Roy damron says:

    Donald trump is the best leader this country has ever had!

    • Harry Ostapenko says:

      Trump is better than Washington or Lincoln? Hmmm.

      Lets see what is his motto? Make WHITE America Great Again?

      • WSHart says:

        Ostapenko, you pusillanimous moron. I suppose you’ve voted yourself spokes-cuckold for the rest of these keyboard banging simians?

        You are the typical Social JustUs Warrior.

        Cuck. I’m certain you know the meaning as it’s your chosen lifestyle. Your kind looks for hatred everywhere but in a mirror. You’re the kind that even if you are born here, you hyphenate your heritage. FTN

        As for tariffs? More than a few of you whiners read like you’re ready to do the scrotum kowtow instead of standing up for America. President Trump knows what he’s doing. I’d shake the dust of your kind from my feet but I’d bet you’ve snorted anything resembling powder up your collective nostrils. Another scumbag livin’ the scheme of the “Great Society”.

        Harry Ostapenko the Cuckold. Keep playing moral limbo, you dullard. FTN.

        • Harry says:

          You know nothing about me, such hatred. You don’t know that I am a vietnam vet spending the worst year of my life in 1968 during the Tet offensive or that when Bush invaded Iraq, another war of choice, I left the country and joined the PEACE corps for 27 months in West Africa helping very poor people.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’d think your reply would embarrass the likes of WSHart into an apology, but that seems highly unlikely.

      • sowhat says:

        Harry O… you are right on, but I would add “make corporate white America great again”.

      • Provologna says:

        You forgot to call him Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.

        Lincoln brought the US a Civil War which killed about 800 thousand, and during which he unlawfully imprisoned journalists and illegally suspended habeas corpus (he “burned the village to save it”).

        If the S was allowed to secede, a few decades later the industrial revolution would have largely eliminated slavery.

        • Neil says:

          Civil War. If you make much of this country Mexico again like it used to be or even Native American, you’ll just have those problems, including the corruption, gangs and tribal wars… and some very nice folks running businesses. Harley and other American firms lose jobs because we fail to subsidize our home companies to make them able to compete, but, Harley makes bikes that use too many raw materials, are heavy and don’t adapt to the modern world. I like Sportsters but not how heavy they are.

      • regan says:

        The left playing the race card it was only a matter of time. Sad.

      • Neil says:

        Harry, I lived in Germany for a year. Taxes in Europe are so high that people stay home and watch TV. I was just in France and my friends work in the garden and watch TV. They drive the same cars for years on end. They don’t eat out. They have few restaurants anyway and no fast food places. Utopia does not exist. Would you or Provolone be better in Hanoi or Caracas or Havana or some village in China? No. Harley AND many American leaders made mistakes. One man (family) has one point of view. History is littered with them. “It’s not 1975, Harley.” Our trade deals were signed by fools in some cases.

    • Harry says:

      Trump is better than Washington or Lincoln? Hmmm.

      Lets see what is his motto? Make WHITE America Great Again?

      • Neil says:

        I wanted to ride a horse across the country when I was ten years old. Let’s just listen to the Far Left and go back to chop wood, carry water. I don’t like either extreme. I’ll take a Z900RS or CB1100 or XSR700 over a Harley. I’ve ridden the subway for months in New York where we all get along just fine. Socialism has never worked in a large country, however.

  4. Sean says:

    I’ll never understand why people enjoy losing so much! $568 Billion dollar trade deficit and a $21 Trillion in debt and people think we should continue down the same road. I’d rather pay more for a household appliance or a motorcycle than be owned by another country!

    • Regan says:


    • motorhead says:

      I agree. $21 Trillion in debt. I think if we cut taxes to zero for the top 1% and corporations, then that debt would shoot up to $50 Trillion only briefly, but those billionaires and corporations will create so many new jobs that all of us will be wealthy! Trump knows what he’s doing, people, let him do it!

  5. JH says:

    So much tolerance from the left.
    As if Harley hasn’t been in financial trouble for over 10 years.
    Now tell me how Hillary would be better.

    • Dave says:

      We’d have a capable, competent President who is versed in foreign policy. We would not be entering a short-sighted trade war. Our allies would trust us. Our enemies wouldn’t be manipulating her. Our stock and job markets would continue to grow with better stability. We’d have a rightful appointee on the SCOTUS bench and gerrymandering would be getting dismantled now. Our EPA and other departments would be headed by competent, capable who are appropriately skilled for the jobs they have. The tax cut orgy wouldn’t have happened (who’s deficit and debt?). Bank deregulation wouldn’t be happening.

      • BPnAZ says:

        In other words, the same kick the can down the road BS like Obummer?
        Ill take more jobs, less people on SS, less people on welfare, less ISIS, better pay and bonuses. If you are enjoying all that, you are doing life wrong. I didn’t vote for a cool guy to hang out with, I wanted one that didn’t lead from behind, and thats what we got!!! Winning!!!!!!!!!

        • Dave says:

          But you (we) won’t get any of that, because we put an incompetent game show host in the whitehouse. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the houses flip and get a muzzle on him.

    • JH says:

      Yeah Dave, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty would agree with you. Except they are dead. Thanks to Hill’s well versed foreign policy. And you wanted Nuke war with NK too?
      Hill was wrong about that as well.

      • Dave says:

        Those 4 guys died because they were occupying a secret CIA building (not an embassy, which is why information about it wasn’t clear and forthcoming) in a war-zone. I’ll go ahead and assume that they agreed with Hill’s policy, since they accepted the assignment knowing full well what the environment would be like.

        You can keep pretending that those 4 guys actually mean something to you (other than a reason to blame Hillary for something), but it’ll require you to continue to ignore the fact that it was Congress who voted to cut embassy security funding, not Hillary or Obama.

  6. Grover says:

    Why should motorcycledaily readers care if HD moves the manufacturing of “some” motorcycles overseas? 95% of the crowd on this forum hate HD anyway, and besides, aren’t the chosen rides of motorcycledaily readers manufacturerd in Japan or Europe? Seems that this forum always generates a couple hundred comments anytime there is post on Harley so it remains a bit confusing. I’ve never experienced so much hate for Harley on any other motorcycle forum and I visit a lot of forums. Ya’ll must be proud.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should actually read the comments instead of just making assumptions. Most of the comments are about the politics behind H-D’s predicament, not about the brand itself. Most of the “hating” here is directed toward Trump, not H-D.

      The politics will affect much more than just H-D.

      • Grover says:

        Read the comments section of past articles on Harley on this site if you need a refresher.

        • Anonymous says:

          This article has nothing to do with past articles that were Harley oriented, good or bad, this article is about the politics that are affecting Harley’s business future. Read this article for what it is, which has nothing to do with so-called haters. Read it.

          • ApriliaRST says:

            > This article has nothing to do with past articles

            That’s right. And Trump is the president, so those who try excusing Trump by claiming some other politician would be worse or was worse in their opinion is lame.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Womp womp”

        • Anonymous says:

          Try reading this article and you will see that it and most of the comments are not about the motorcycle… it is about the politics affecting H-D’s future. The hate is toward Trump.

          • Grover says:

            Sorry I got you excited Anon. Did you read the last 5 MCDaily posts on Harley yet? Go ahead, take your time…

  7. takehikes says:

    I think this is hilarious. HD’s demographic which I know quite well helped put him in office.
    Ryan is culpable so I’m not sure why he is getting a pass in this article.

  8. Tank says:

    Harley just announced they are moving some production overseas because of tariffs.

    • Ricardo says:

      I hope Mr. Trump is reading….

      • paul246 says:

        Trump has no understanding of how complex world trade is, he thinks you can just sign off on a bunch of exec orders and his stupid followers will think he is doing something great for “murica.

        He and his cronies are about to learn a lesson, unfortunately it will take everyone down with them. This is just the beginning.

      • Moat says:

        Soon after Trump was elected, Harley was in Washington with some nice, shiny models spread out on the White House lawn. “We’d sure appreciate some tax relief, Mr. President – good for ‘Murican jobs!”. Apparently Trump was impressed by the big, pretty, shiny things – and so it was done.

        What did Harley do with their tax cuts? Closed the Kansas City plant, and open a new assembly plant in Thailand. Just the type of thing most economists predicted (i.e. – “Trickle Down” simply does not work, as history has proven time and again).


        And now this ^^. Ha ha. Duh 2. You’ve made your bed…

      • Anonymous says:

        yep, the idiot helped them out alright…helped them out of the country. Hope he isn’t planning on helping any more companies out.

        Funny how Harley Davidson warned Trumpette against using tarrifs… they didn’t want this, but did he listen???

        “CTV News…U.S. President Donald Trump has used Harley-Davidson as an example of a U.S. business that is being harmed by trade barriers. Yet Harley has warned consistently against tariffs, saying they would negatively impact sales.”

        • joe b says:

          Donald Trump is indeed the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States. What is really sad, are the people who still support him, and his policies. Wake up people.

      • Mike says:

        First of all…I don’t think Trump can read.
        Second…Trump is just playing to his idiot 30% base.

        • JH says:

          So that’s how you become a billionaire.

          • sowhat says:

            billionaire??… I’d rather be broke than have to be an azzhat like Trump. Even with billions that idiot can’t buy class or honor or even a vocabulary. Didn’t his daddy leave him a whole bunch of money?? Didn’t Trump have a special doctor give him a ticket out of serving in Vietnam… a heal spur, wasn’t it??

            Ya, he is an idiot con artist.

            Even if he is a billionaire I have no respect for him!

            I DO have respect for the men that did their time in the service with honor!

          • sowhat says:

            No, you do it by getting a load of money left to you by daddy.

            Then you get your doctor to write you a note so that you don’t have to serve your country in Vietnam, because you have a heal spur (lol) and are well, special.

            I have NO respect for this con artist.

            I DO have respect for the men and women who have served their country with the kind of honor that this turd of a man can’t buy with any amount of fiat currency.

        • JH says:

          Citation needed on boatload of money.
          By the way, What branch did Obama, Hillary or Bill serve in?