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Honda CB-F Concept Could Enter Production Soon

By general consensus, one of Honda’s smartest looking naked bikes came from the CB-F family, including the CB900F from the 1980s. Earlier this year, Honda unveiled the CB-F concept pictured, and it is largely based on an existing production motorcycle . . . the CB1000R.

These underpinnings are potent and modern with a 998cc four-cylinder putting out more than 140 horsepower at the crank coupled with a modern chassis – including upside-down forks, single shock and radial-mounted front brake calipers. Of course, styling a retro machine around an existing engine/chassis that is already in production has the advantage of dramatically speeding-up production of the retro.

Other modern touches on the CB-F concept include LED headlight and tail light, as well as a TFT instrument panel. Honda won’t say when, or if, the CB-F concept will enter production for sale to the public, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a 2021 production model.


  1. Ralph G says:

    As an old (83)rider since the early 1950s, I have to wonder where the rear fender went. Nice design overall, but elements of the Husqvarna “Svartpilen” seem present, here, and I can’t say I find that attractive. Sort of like a Manx cat: Where’s the tail?

  2. Zuki says:

    I’d like this styling approach applied to the CB300R.

  3. JoeMarino says:

    I would love to get this one just add fly screen and it’s perfect.

  4. Grover says:

    it’s easy for a designer to come up with a nice looking bike like the Honda shown above. The problem is selling such a bike in a world that offers so many bikes built for a particular mission. This Honda doesn’t fall into any niche such as touring, sport, cruiser, dual-sport, beginner etc… Now, some will say “I’ll cross continents on that thing!” but you are a rather small minority. I think that while it’s a nice design it will be a hard sell. A good example is the CB1100. How may of those bikes are still sitting on the showroom floor while other bikes move past them out the door? “Jack of all trades and master of none” is a recipe for disaster in the modern motorcycling world.

  5. motorhead says:

    Very clean look, without the center stand, or kick stand, or pegs, blinkers, mirrors. All bikes should come with these invisible amenities.

  6. YellowDuck says:

    It looks nice, but you have to imagine it with mirrors, turn signals and a big-ass rear mudguard / license plate mount assembly attached to it.

  7. Wade says:

    I had a 83 CB1100F and would snap this up in a heart beat!

  8. Gene says:

    Very cool

  9. jodyz says:

    I loved my 2002 919! Drooled over the 2007 CB750 in Japan but never bought one while I was there. Thoroughly enjoyed my 2013 CB1100. This is the next logical step for me. Certainly won’t look as clean and tidy with the license plate holder and passenger footpegs, but still a beauty.

  10. AlexMcyD says:

    If my job hadn’t evaporated around me, I would be standing in line for this beauty.

  11. Mr.Mike says:

    Very nicely done. I always liked the look of the late 70’s early 80’s CBxxxF bikes and this seems to capture the essence of the style perfectly while still looking thoroughly modern.

  12. TheGuy says:

    Reminds me of the Suzuki Stratosphere concept. Shame that never made it to market; smoothness of a six at reasonable cc’s and presumably weight would have made a terrific UJM for grand touring.

  13. Kagato says:

    Beautiful! Hey she actually has a fanny! Sounds like some of us like bikes with absolutely no butt at all. Plenty of those for you sickos. Leave this one alone.

  14. Fastship says:

    Go the whole way and stick on some Comstar Wheels and call it a SuperDream. Yuk.

    Japan is bankrupt of Ideas now as in so many other ways.

  15. fred says:

    I really like this. I had a 79 CB750K as my first “big” bike. It was a great deal of fun, but this looks to be better in every way. Love the look of the headlight & taillight. Obviously it’s not done, since it’s missing turn signals, mirrors, and passenger pegs. I realize some people think they detract from the styling of concept bikes, but I like them. It probably makes sense not to tip your hand to the competition until you’re ready to go to production. Oh, BTW. At least 5 gallons for the fuel tank, please.

    In the 80’s, I had the CB750K, a CB400F, a CB/x, and a Nighthawk S. They were all great bikes, and would make great retro models if they don’t get dumbed down. Unfortunately, I’m not currently in the market as I have more bikes than money, but it would be cool if Honda moves forward with the CB-F.

  16. Fred N says:

    The Japan Home market and some Overseas Markets have the CB1300 and CB1300F models for over the last 20 years. More likely, they need to be replaced with Euro 5 compliant models for Europe anyway.
    This is most likely the background of this new model, as E4 bikes cannot be sold there in 2021. 2020 was the runout year for remaining new E4 bikes, unless COVID19 gets a reprieve timeline on that subject.

  17. TP says:

    Most of this I like a lot. The headlight and the dual horns need a bit more work to look more contemporary. Honda makes great street bikes. A CB750 F2 I rode was one of my all-time favorites.

  18. mickey says:

    I was selling Hondas when the CB 900F came out. Great motorcycle of the times and for me classically styled.

    I think this pays it’s homage well. I don’t care for the monoshock rear end look but it’s probably better suited to the frame, engine, modern-ness of the design if you will.

    Not in the market to be a buyer, I already have a CB1100 bought new in 2014, and a 140 HP sport tourer bought new in 2018, so I’m set for awhile. At 70 yo my next bike will probably be a tidler that should make todd happy lol. Maybe a 500cc something. Think Honda will resurrect the CX 500?

  19. dave3240 says:

    This might be the one that returns a Honda to my keep.

  20. Don says:

    I love the look of that seat but, with the mono-shock rear suspension, the whole rear end looks “off” in an empty kind of way. It probably rides better but correctly looking it ain’t.

  21. andy1300 says:

    Yamaha needs to get out a FJ 1300 retro

  22. andy1300 says:

    Yamaha needs to get out a FJ 1300 retro now….

  23. Jomoto says:

    About 10 year ago I found a low mileage 82 CB900F languishing, unloved in a barn. The previous owner painted it purple with purple flames…I did a complete restoration and converted it into a cafe racer complete with rear hump, Honda rearsets, polished all the shiny bits, shortened the front fender and ceramic coated the original perfect 4 into 2 pipes flat black. Painted it Ducati red with white stripe down the middle. She looked much better and I loved the sound and feel of the motor, but the suspension and brakes were still 1980’s…

    The CB-F concept does not appeal to me. Especially the long seat hanging out there in the atmosphere by itself and the underbelly exhaust collector with the pipe sticking out the side at a weird angle. The tank/seat is not a cohesive unit with the modern liquid cooled motor without fins or the rest of the bike.

    For my next naked bike, I would rather buy the CB1100 Euro “standard” version with upgraded suspension and other bits not available in the USA. C’mon Honda…let us have THAT one…please.

  24. joe b says:

    I like this. I also own 2012 CB1000R, and I cant see all the complaints others give to it? This is great looking machine, I’d bet it would be a good seller. Honda was able to keep the Vintage styling, because this bike has a single backbone frame (I read a road test somewhere else, where the tester thought it had perimeter frame, what was he smoking) and this lets the engine stick out proudly, and rightly so. With horizontal intake head from one model, bottom end from another, this is a great engine. There is always going to be someone who negates this model, but I think Honda did right making this, lets hope when it does arrive, its just as good looking… and a Freddie Spencer replica next?

  25. Mike says:

    Or bring it back as a new NightHawk S

  26. Mike says:

    Nice! Just needs Honda’s 80’s RED WHITE BLUE paint job. Nice to see a standard that a passenger can sit comfortably on. Still holding out for a retro VF750F Interceptor or Hawk GT!

    • Dave says:

      This! I’ve had 3 over the years…seems whenever I see one for sale I have to buy it, but nice ones are so scarce now. If they’d do a black/red Nighthawk S scheme on this bike, I’d 100% be in line to buy

  27. Gary says:

    I LOVE this bike. If they build it, I’ll give them my money.

  28. aketay says:

    My 1997 VFR might be for sale soon. I likes it! Will keep my 2013 CB1100 so others can ride it. Wonder if the tank is steel so I can use my magnetic tank bag. Thought about the Kawasaki 900 many times, but having a bike that pays homage to Freddie and the great CB900’s of old just did it for me. Bring it on Honda, I’ll be the first one in line.

  29. SausageCreature says:

    “Honda won’t say when, or if, the CB-F concept will enter production for sale to the public”

    Then what, exactly, are you basing the claim made in the headline upon? Something overheard at an industry gathering? Patent filings? Anything? Otherwise, this article is fairly pointless, no?

  30. Dave says:

    I had a 1982 CB900F for many years, bought it in ’97. Nice bike to look at but what a terrible handling bike compared to today’s bikes, glad its finally gone. This one looks perfect though with all the modern components. Honda has done a great job with this design.

  31. Cowtown says:

    Nice-looking bike. Very clean.

    Since everyone else has a criticism, here’s mine: the little fishtail at the taillight. It’s just a little too ’80s for me (I know, I know, that’s the point!).

  32. Mick says:

    I’m sure that both of the fossils who actually buy one will be very happy with it, while complaining about the the size of the gas tank that they never empty in one ride.

    • Kermit The Frog says:

      Even amongst the gods of Olympus, your wit is legendary. Petronius you are not, trust me. I knew him. 🙂

      That adults wish to ride further then “the twisties” and don’t act the role of fooligan on public roads should come as no surprise for we tend to have more common sense than such as you appear to possess as well as the time and wherewithal to do so. What’s next Mick, a treatise on your disdain for “Boomers”?

      Back on topic – The CB-F series is, if not legendary, worthy of homage by its creator, Honda. Rode a 900F in the early 80s and it was great fun. A friend had an ’83(?) CB1100F in red and that thing was gorgeous in that color scheme.

      The ball is in Honda’s court. Whether or not they serve it up is their choice. Mick however, would rather take his balls, such as they are, and go home.

      Again, Dirck. Edit as you see fit. I like motorcycling and while I have my druthers and can respect those of others, I find the childish here to be comically churlish as well. Including at times, me! 🙂

      I look forward to reading more from you.

      • Mick says:

        Oh look! I have a Muppet on my back!

        Sorry for having a pulse buddy. But I take issue with being accused of riding like a “fooligan” on public roads. I most certainly do not. I ride off road or enter racing events if I want to ride hard. I plow myself an ice race track in the winter for that reason.

        I don’t ride my street bikes (2) much at all these days really. I use the supermoto as a dingy when I need to leave my tuck somewhere about as often as I use it for anything else. My wife had a couple of neck surgeries. So the two up bike is languishing this summer so far. Maybe the doctors will give her the green light in time for a fall colors ride.

        And it is you, oh high and mighty green thing on a stick, who is issuing a treatise on your disdain for boomers. For I am a boomer myself.

        Whatever, croaking frogs aside, this bike harkens back to a very small window in time when motorcycle styling was looking for a new direction. This one, I feel, was a failed experiment. That the trend didn’t last very long is proof enough.

        Sure there are those kids who were unfortunate enough to be coming of age during that time who grew to like failed styling experiments. But the stars are really going to have to align for this bike to sell in any real number. To me, this would be like Chevy making an homage to the ’73 Chevelle instead of the’ 68 to ’72.

        Didn’t Harley make some faux pas like this long about 1976? Boy was that one ever an ugly bugger.

        • Kermit The Frog says:

          I too, am a “boomer” as I’m well into my 60s!

          Your words read like you were a child (e.g. the two fossils comment) so I respond in kind by not being kind but humorous. 😉

          That “Snortster” with the boattail comes to mind…Ugh. The Deuce was appropriately named and the thing called the (I think) FXDR 114 is futtbugly. But as for Chevelles…

          Make mine a ’69 SS, please. 🙂

  33. Provologna says:

    That’s closer to a perfect cosmetic design than any other retro, except for maybe the Kawasaki 800 parallel twin (which IMO looks more authentic than the current Triumps). Of course the Kawasaki and potential Honda CB900F could not be farther apart performance wise, the former 40hp, the latter 140hp.

    It’s depressing that Suzuki has not done something similar to the CB900F: a modern GS1000S based on the current 1000 naked bike, w/quarter-fairing (lower spoiler) and white w/black and bright blue stripes. I suspect, if done right, it could at least equal if not exceed the desirability of this CB.

    Who would not want to see modern retro open class races between Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW twin, and Triumph (w/appropriate CC allowance for cylinder count)? AFAIK Ducati doesn’t really sell a retro naked; too bad. Class rules might be difficult to formulate. BMW never made an I-4 back in that era, which might disqualify their naked Superbike.

    On a separate note, Re. the CB’s seat: the slight dish is only a little less flat than the original, and IMO acceptable.

    • Bubba Blue says:

      I agree that Suzuki should do something like this Honda. They did the Katana. The design I’d look for would be similar to the GS1100E.

      • Wes Cooley GS1000 replica, please!

      • Stinkywheels says:

        I’m with you on that one. I’ve been friendly with the guy I sold my GS to just on the hope that he’ll sell it back to me. LOVED that bike! I put a rear tire as hard as a honeymoon wiener to tour on it and slid it around like a dirt bike in town. The Katana just doesn’t do it for me.

      • cw says:

        I agree with this on the hopeful condition that it comes with a neo-retro GS450/500E that contains half a GSX-S1000 motor.

        Theisdue being, in any case, that a new frame would have to be designed for such bikes to look right and still perform well. I wonder how much could be done in how little time by pulling out the old aluminum perimeter frames or hybridizing a steel one to include some lighter elements that retain strength.

      • Zuki says:

        1983 GS1100ES!

    • todd says:

      BMW has had inline-fours in bikes since 1983. I think the K100RS qualifies. It doesn’t seem as old as the rest of these since it came with a fairing, fuel injection, ABS, single sided swing arm with a mono shock, etc.

  34. Sean says:

    How has Honda’s new CB1000R sold? I’ve really heard nothing about it, or even seen one on the road in the flesh. That will probably dictate if this thing ever sees the light of day. I predict it won’t.

  35. Grover says:

    I like it. Nothing superfluous is my style. No fake scoops, drooping headlights or ridiculous looking fairings. Now, if they will only build it and not change a thing besides adding the neccessary mirrors and lights they’ll have a winner.

  36. Kermit says:

    If you’re going to do a single shock modern redo of the 81-82 900F, doing it with a single sided swing arm is the way to go. They got the tank right and tail section right also. I’m digging it.

    • Looks like great frogs think alike! Put “Pro Link” on it and that would take me back a bit more in time. Someone here said something about where’s the CBX?

      Now that would look cool but only if it paid stylistic homage to the original and had either hydraulic lifters or really long valve check/adjust intervals. It is nice to see Honda looking to their own history instead of ripoff cruisers stealing Harley’s.

      I wish them all the best.

  37. Stuki Moi says:

    I really like the “regular” CB as well, but this one does look really cool. Personally I wish they’d move the pegs a bit forward, as them being a bit knee crushing is my main objection to the existing CB.

  38. Jeremy says:

    I’m just not a fan of the stuff that came out of the 1980s, so I’m having a tough time getting on with this design.

  39. Bubba W says:

    Wish they would have called it the CB-X and added 2 more cylinders and I’d be in. Great job Honda!

  40. VLJ says:

    Hopefully this thing won’t be beset with its donor bike’s huge hole in the middle of the powerband, significantly lower power everywhere than it’s supposed to have, and glitchy throttle response. The CB1000R promised so much, and fell so short of those promises.

    Unusual, for a Honda. Maybe this time they sorted everything out.

    • DRB says:

      I could not agree more. I test rode the CB1000R in 2018. I loved the styling but hated the bike. It felt under powered, no where near the advertised 140 HP and vibrated badly. My 675R Triumph handled better and felt quicker in the lower gears anyways. Hopefully the CB-F will be better.

  41. MikeG4 says:

    Yeah Baby… That is IT! Beautiful 70’s styling exercise, in a modern chassis.

    It’ll get muddied up a little when all the lights and cables and support struts get added in, but that is one beautiful starting point. Kudos to Honda. I hope they go ahead with it, and if they do I think they will sell many.

  42. Terry says:

    140 hp @ the crank and a “modern” chassis? Does that mean it won’t be HEAVY like previous models? It looks like a copy of the Z900RS, almost entirely.

    • Kermit The Frog says:

      It doesn’t look remotely like a copy of the Z900RS. It looks like a Honda CB900F from the early 80s. As for weight, are you going to carry the bike? I doubt it. What is it with some of us here that play the role of expert bench racers and their need for more horse power, less weight and the like? It’s as if their very ego demands a ride above their class. And ability.

      Talk about egotestical behaviour! C’mon Terry! It’s Honda paying homage to *GASP*! Honda!

      Cool scoot Honda. Make it reliable and good looking with decent fuel tank size, centrestand, mpg and performance at a reasonable MSRP and maybe, just maybe, buyers will come instead of cum.

      Dirk, if that last play on words is too much chalk it up to talent on loan from Buddha and delete the line as you see fit. But for Buddha’s sake, print the rest of my rebuttal to Sir Terry.

      I swear, sometimes I think some of the folks here are 10 years old.

  43. Dirty Bob says:

    Retro again…

  44. Dirty Bob says:

    Is Honda bringing everything out of mothballs?

  45. carl says:

    I would buy it. Finally a retro bike that without a doubt you know where it came from.

  46. GT08 says:

    Being a Kawasaki fan, i have to admit. That Honda (specialy the blue one in Young Machine)
    Is the kind of bike i’m dreaming since Kawasaki sleeping over without a ZRX in the field.
    Yes the Z1000R is better in every way. But just dont look good.
    And i dont want to explain that every time i ride.
    Hey Kawasaki wake up turn the Z1000R into a ZRX et voilà !
    And no, the Z900RS Cafe is not a replacement.
    Maybe after all my critic of sleepy Honda over the years, i will go with the CB-F.
    Just dont tell my friends.

  47. dt-175 says:

    40 years ago, #19…

  48. Lynchenstein says:

    Yummy! Gimme ABS and a cafe racer fairing and I’m sold.

  49. Mike says:

    Add passenger foot pegs and grab rail of some sort. And some rider foot pegs and controls. I don’t see any controls above that muffler in the images. Pre-production version, for sure.

    • Bud says:

      A grab rail would be all wrong cor the look theyre going after.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, you’re right! No controls. This isn’t even pre-production, it’s a one-off show custom. I think it looks fantastic and I like the “regular” CB1000r, too. I hope they make it and more importantly, all the people asking for it actually buy it.

      I think It’d be cool if they did another based on the CB500 to honor those cool 450T’s they used to so. That would be much more accessible to the younger riders who’re into retro stuff, too.

    • fred says:

      You and Dave might want to either zoom in on the pics or make an appointment with your eye doctor. The rider pegs are black, with silver-colored feelers.

      I don’t see any passenger pegs, however.

    • TheGuy says:

      The rider pegs and levers are blacked out and the photo is low-res.

      You can see them clearly in this picture:

  50. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Break out the kitchen knifes, and sanding blocks for ANOTHER nifty bike, store bought, without a FLAT seat. Should be red too.

  51. Endoman38 says:

    Give it a rear seat cowl and a fly screen and it’ll be good to go.

  52. Curly says:

    Just add a license plate bracket and it’s done.

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