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Kawasaki Celebrates the Anniversary of Its Iconic Z Brand with the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Z900, Z650, Z900RS, and Z650RS Motorcycles

Kawasaki’s legacy of creating motorcycles that have unrivaled performance, excitement, and unmatched styling continues by welcoming four new special anniversary models to its 2022 motorcycle lineup with the Z 50th Anniversary Z900, Z650 Z900RS and Z650RS.

 As the last letter in the alphabet, Z represents the ultimate – the reason why the legendary Kawasaki super4 900 was nicknamed the Z1 in 1972. Since then, the Z moniker has been inherited by several models in Kawasaki’s lineup that have been developed to stand out as the ultimate machines in their respective categories. Fast forward to 2014 and the next step in Z supernaked performance and design was taken with Sugomi styling incorporated into the Z1000. The Kawasaki Z family of motorcycles has grown into one of Kawasaki’s core motorcycle brands.

For 2022, the Z 50th Anniversary editions of the supernaked Z900 and Z650 can be found adorned in a “Firecracker Red” paint scheme, similar to that found on the dominant 1981 Z1100GP that pushed the limits of air-cooled high performance. The Z brand’s 50-year pursuit of the ultimate riding excitement, passed from generation to generation, now vividly adorns these Z supernaked models.

For the Z 50th Anniversary editions of the Z900RS and Z650RS, the iconic “Fireball” colorway of the 1972 Z1 was chosen. With elegant curves resplendent in the lustrous, rich red of the famous Fireball pattern, Z’s glorious past and brilliant future shines for all to see. An exquisite milestone to mark half a century of Z history.

Limited production will apply to each of these unique models and a special coffee table book commemorating the 50 years of the Z brand will be included as a premium gift for each customer who purchases a Z 50th Anniversary Edition model.


  1. VLJ says:

    There’s a Z650RS now?

    Must have missed the memo.

    • Jeremy says:

      I think they announced the 650RS in September or October.

      • Dave says:

        It’s a fantastic looking bike. At ~$9k it’s probably going to struggle a little on the sales floor.

        • Jeremy says:

          I agree with you on both counts. Personally, I prefer the looks of the standard Z650, though I also like the RS and know that there are plenty of people that prefer that particular look. Too bad those looks come with that premium over the standard.

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