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A Message from James Stewart . . .

I’ve come to realize over the years, and especially after my induction, that the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s mission to preserve and promote the heritage of American motorcycling is alive, and well, and important.  

But you have to wonder…what would motorcycling be like to future generations if our greatest racers and visionaries were lost to history? What if their achievements were forgotten? Would tomorrow’s riders chase their motorcycling dreams if they had no one to inspire them? 

That’s not something I’d like to chance, and I feel pretty certain you’re in the same boat, so here’s my question: Will you please make a financial contribution to the Hall of Fame?

No Longer ChasingFollow James Stewart as he becomes an AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Inductee while being joined by many people who were a part of his successful career. 

Watch the video created by Seven by clicking HERE

One Comment

  1. Jeremy says:

    I would actually be curious to know how many people get into racing or even just riding because of the stars of the sport. I know when I started riding dirt bikes and street bikes back in the 90s, I couldn’t even name a racer from either genre. Interest in trading can’t later. My inspiration was the neighbor kid who came wheelying down the street on a YZ85, and the guy that pulled up to highschool on a CBR900RR.

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