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Misano MotoGP Sprint and Full Race Results

The MotoGP championship series visited Misano this weekend, which is considered the home track for many of the Italian riders.

It was a Spaniard, however, who dominated by taking pole position (with a new lap record), and the win in both the Saturday Sprint and the Sunday full race. Jorge Martin (Ducati) led home the same two riders in both races, with Marco Bezzecchi (Ducati) and Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati) finishing second and third in each race.

Both Bagnaia and Bezzecchi rode with injuries incurred in the prior round, but fought through for impressive results. Near the end of both races, Bagnaia was hounded by KTM test rider and wild card entry Dani Pedrosa, but Bagnaia held him off both days to take the final podium spot.

The series continues in two weeks at the Buddh circuit in India. The riders will remain at Misano to test their 2024 prototypes tomorrow.

Although Bagnaia continues to lead the championship points, Martin has closed to within 36 points in second place.

For full results and points for Saturday’s Sprint race, visit the MotoGP site here.

For full results and points for today’s MotoGP race, visit the MotoGP site here.


  1. BeatriceKiddo says:

    Change my mind: Pedrosa had the chance to pass Pecco in both races but he chose not to. I think he didn’t want to mess with the championship since Dani has no skin in the (championship) game. He has shown great class in doing so.

    • Artem says:

      From the living broadcast it was mentioned by superbike riders of some championships who commented the broadcast that Bagnia is very special in “closing the doors”. Maybe it was not that obvious.

  2. Delmartian says:

    What was the reason for Ducati Lenovo’s switch to yellow for Misano ? Nice change, looked sharp.

  3. Gary says:

    After the race, Bagnaia couldn’t even dismount. Had to be assisted. Quite a feat, finishing third. If he goes on to win the title, he’ll richly deserve it. Here’s hoping two weeks off helps his recovery. I was especially impressed that he gritted it out at the end to give an interview. Ducati is mighty lucky to have him.

  4. Ryan Parfet says:

    I’m confused, was this a Formula 1 race?

    Congrats to the commission for officially ruining MotoGP

    • Mick says:

      And AMA and WSB and sportbikes sales. I’d say even street bikes in general. Road racing is so ruined that street bikes are mostly wearing dirt bike drag. Suzuki left, Honda and Yamaha are understandably focusing more of their efforts on motocross racing. They have become uncompetitive in road racing by doing so.

      It reminds me of the time just before the Colts left Baltimore, in the middle of the night. The fans were wearing paper Dolt bags on their heads. The street bikers, who have forever looked down their noses at the dirt bikers, are now trying to emulate them.

      • TimC says:

        “Road racing is so ruined that street bikes are mostly wearing dirt bike drag.”

        LOL uh whatyoumeantosay is racebikes are not really useful or relevant on public roads, and two-strokes suck juevos.

        You’re welcome.

        • Mick says:

          No actually. I’m all about race bikes. I would love to buy a “race bike with lights” for a street bike. I just want one that is scaled to public roads.

          Your ignorance of two strokes simply marks you as one of the indoctrinated. You know. The Luddites, the Amish, the four stoke people. Got a link for what your chainsaw looks like? I’m actually a big fan of steam punk. I wouldn’t want to anywhere near it when it’s running. But I’ll bet it looks cool.

          • Tom R says:

            Jeez, sticks and stones…slings and arrows. You choose.

          • Dave says:

            Nobody here is ignorant about 2-strokes. Their shortcomings are well understood by most older experienced riders who were around when we all chose to move into the future.

  5. dt 175 says:

    bags performance this weekend is what carmichael means when he says you win cships on your worst days. truly gutsy performance. pedrosa showed some young guys how to ride as well…

    • TimC says:

      One of my favorite inspirational quotes is from Mr. Pedrosa:

      “It’s not a method; it’s a thought. When you wake up in the morning, you have to decide how you want to see things. The mental strength consists in choosing the positive thought. That it is usually not the easiest way. It’s easier to find an excuse or thinking that there is nothing more to do.”

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