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AMA Says No Team USA for MX des Nations

After months of rumors, the AMA has finally made an official announcement regarding the 2004 MX des Nations. The decision is in: there will be no Team USA for this year’s race. Here is the AMA press release:

AMA Pro Racing suspends Motocross of Nations effort

September 01, 2004

AMA Pro Racing press release

AMA Pro Racing announced today that it has suspended its efforts to send a team to the 2004 Motocross of Nations (MXoN).

According to AMA Pro Racing Supercross/Motocross Series Manager Steve Whitelock a number of team options were considered but in all cases it was impossible to ensure that there would be adequate support.

“In spite of an advance planning process and an open dialogue with key members of the motocross industry, in the end it proved unrealistic to send a team this year,” said Whitelock. “While we had some riders express a willingness to represent the United States, in most instances it was not possible to secure the necessary approval and support from those riders’ contract holders.”

Complicating the matter are the growing costs associated with fielding a team. However, even adequate funding would not eliminate the obstacles facing U.S. participation. “There must be a value return on such an expenditure and that clearly isn’t there in the U.S. now. There are also logistical issues. Event scheduling and broadcast coverage are just two areas we’d like to see addressed,” explained AMA Pro Racing Vice President of Commercial Development, John Farris.

“In spite of diminishing interest from the teams and riders, (Steve) Whitelock has put forth a tremendous effort in trying to assemble a team worthy of representing United States Motocross. However, with each potential team there were a number of issues that couldn’t be overcome.”

Farris went on to say that as the financial burden to field a team continues to escalate, the American distributors will see less of a return on their investment. Costs, coupled with the timing of the MXoN, make it difficult to justify supporting the event. “It’s apparent that the American motorcycle distributors and most of the riders consider competing in AMA Championships to be their main priority,” said Farris.

“Under the current circumstances, committing the resources necessary to travel to Europe for the MXoN after having spent the past nine months contesting the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross seasons is a difficult business decision for everyone.”