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Triumph Announces USA Pricing for Explorer, Speed Triple R, McQueen SE Bonneville

Our tech brief on the new Triumph Tiger Explorer left a major unanswered question: how much? After all, it could be the greatest bike in the world, but if it’s not competitively priced, its market would be limited to well-heeled fans for whom nothing but a Triumph would do.

No worries there. The Explorer, clearly aimed squarely at BMW R1200GS fans, is priced at $15,699. Not surprisingly, this is just $451 less than the BMW. But that deficit actually nets the Triumph buyer an extra 25 horsepower, even if it comes with an extra helping of lard—Triumph claims the Explorer is 570 pounds fully fuelled, where the BMW tips the scales at a claimed 501. Still, that extra power, switchable ABS, traction control and 950-watt alternator may pry signed checks from the fingers of more luxury-oriented adventure riders, if the concept of “luxury adventure riders” doesn’t seem too oxymoronic.

Triumph’s broad and competitively priced product line is paying off. Although Triumph’s sales represent just 2.5 percent of the U.S. market now, that’s up more than a half-percent in a year. According to Triumph P.R. rep Jeff Berry, that’s “more units sold than any year since Triumph returned to the States in the ’90s.”

Also announced was pricing for the 2012 Speed Triple R, $15,999. Following up on the successful formula for the 2011 Daytona R, Triumph is offering a special edition of the newly revised Speed Triple with upgraded monobloc Brembo brakes, race-ready Öhlins suspension and lightweight forged PVM wheels. You get all that stuff and ABS for just $3,200 more than the ABS-equipped standard Speed Triple, which is a killer deal–$3,200 wouldn’t pay for the wheels if purchased at full retail, much less the $1,000 calipers or God-knows-how-much Öhlins NIX30 fork and TTX36 shock. It’s probably around $9,000 of stuff for $3,200, a stunning deal. The 675R is also still available, for just a $1,700 premium (but you don’t get PVM wheels).

Finally, fans of film and moto legend Steve McQueen can snap up one of 1100 Steve McQueen SE Bonnevilles. As we reported earlier, the model will feature blacked-out wheels, hubs, handlebars and other parts, along with a cool Wermacht-style matte-green paint scheme (to commemorate the Triumph jumped in the classic flick The Great Escape) and a solo seat and blacked-out luggage rack. All that should make you the King of Cool for an extra $2,300 ($9,999 MSRP) over the standard Bonnie.


  1. Barnbaby says:

    I think if Steve were still here, he’d have one of the finest collections of bikes, cars, and who knows what, and that Triumphs would definitely be there in number.

  2. Reinhart says:

    I personally know an 83 year old that rides an Yamaha R1 & R6, Ducati S4S & 851. I’d like to think that Steve McQueen was cut from a similar swatch as my 83 year old friend. You don’t have to slow down just because you’re 83 years old.

  3. Jamo says:

    I don’t know why Triumph couldn’t have given us a kick starter and rounded gas tank on the McQueen Bonneville. An extra $2,300 for bold, new graphics? Sheesh!.

  4. TigerTim says:

    McQueen would most likely go for the Explorer. I’m 72 and the Tiger 1050 suits me just fine. I’d consider the Explorer but don’t want the extra weight or the new Speed R but don’t like the ergonomics. Maybe McQueen would also go for the Tiger 1050. It’s just a perfect all around bike.

  5. To Reinhart: True enough. Keep in mind that this is a ‘tribute bike.’ Nothing says ‘Tribute to McQueen’ better than a Triumph, be it a retro or otherwise.

  6. Reinhart says:

    If McQueen were alive today he would be riding the fastest bikes around, not a retro looking, slow Triumph. He was into fast machines (Porsche 917) and off-road machines sophisticated enough to win the ISDT. True, he was into antique bikes,cars and planes, but don’t forget that he could compete at the professional level on two wheels or four.

    • wingben says:

      It’s not a bike to show what he would ride today. The Bonnie SE is a tribute. Similar to the Bullitt Mustang released a few years ago by Ford.

    • clasqm says:

      @ Reinhart: If McQueen were alive today he would be looking forward to his 82nd birthday in March (born 24 March 1930). Even the king of cool would likely have slowed down a bit at that stage!

    • Gham says:

      It’s said that one of McQueen’s favorite rides was an old 47 Indian Chief chopper,I wouldn’t pretend to assign him a modern bike