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Yamaha Claims It Will “Change the Sport Motorcycle World” on June 11

In the now time-honored tradition of teaser videos, Yamaha has produced the following vid in advance of unveiling a new model on June 11.  In the text accompanying the video, which is also printed below, Yamaha claims the bike is “a new kind of brutal animal, which is about to change the sport motorcycle world.”

Of course, we have come to expect a large dose of hyperbole when new models emerge, and the video tells us nothing more than the new bike will have upright ergonomics (evident from the rider’s position).  We have long advocated upright ergos (see our 2006 discussion here, and our more recent comments on the strengthening trend).

Aside from the seating position, nothing else is revealed at this point. It should be noted that Yamaha has broken new ground in the past (their lead in the development of four-stroke motocross bikes beginning with the YZ400 comes to mind), so it is within the realm of possibility that there is something groundbreaking here, as well. We suspect, however, that this new model will be an upright sport bike, not unlike other nakeds, featuring some styling exercises designed to appeal to younger, independent thinkers similar to those targeted by the Bolt. We will all find out on June 11. Here is the text from Yamaha, followed by the video:

While some onlookers may see Japan just as a traditional and respectful society where conformity is the norm, behind this stereotypical image lies a vibrant sub-culture where new fashions and ideas are constantly emerging.

From the spectacle of drift racing through to the insanity of Japanese speedway, the other side of Japanese society has been responsible for some wild and wonderful trends.

The same creative forces that drive the darker and unconventional side of Japan now have created a new kind of brutal animal, which is about to change the sport motorcycle world.


  1. John A. Kuzmenjo says:

    Not bad, but not about to change the sport motorcycling world…unless the 3-cylinder engine is more fun to ride than I think it is.

    Wednesday it traditionally the day when Yamaha Motor Co., USA announces new models, and the 2013 Yamaha dealer meeting is currently going on right now.
    Hopefully, we’ll have more to see tomorrow.

  2. mr wonderful says:

    well it is the 11th where is the damn thing as it is 8pm atlantic my time

  3. bagadonitz says:

    Would it have killed them to publish some gallery pictures not in the dark in an alley? What does the bike look like? I wonder what it sounds like?

    They should fire the marketing department.

  4. Bud says:

    Yamaha really needs to fire their styling department.

  5. Ryan M says:

    That’s the bike that will change the sport bike world? Another standard?

  6. Starmag says:

    “Change the sport motrcycle world” huh… with a 3 cylinder variant of an FZ-8? The hype (wait till you see our dark side!,also ) makes this bike seem like a disappointment, when , without the hype, I’m sure it’s a great bike. 115HP from a great sounding 3 cylinder pushing only 413LBs wet seems like fun, but not world changing.
    Too bad the top half of the bike and the back half of the exhaust aren’t very pretty in my eyes.
    Too bad you won’t be able to carry a passenger very far because the back half of the bike had (for what reason?) to be styled like the now common wasp’s butt, which also makes for very ugly taillight/licence plate brackets..

  7. ApriliaRST says:

    Zzzzz. Back to sleep. I see NOTHING about this bike to justify the hype.

    • Dave says:

      The UK market will get ot for 6,700UKP, which is apparently a great price in that market. The bike has sculpted aluminum frame and swing arm and a new, true street sport engine. Given that most of the lower priced biked to come out lately are plastic covered steel frame/swing bikes this one is good news even if it’s not the right bike for some. Maybe Yamaha has more to come?

      • Dave says:

        Claimed wet weight is 413lb. That’s pretty light!

        • ApriliaRST says:

          It’s probably a nice enough, IOWs fun enough, bike… but my bikes have to serve a purpose, namely being useful as transportation. Unless this engine ends up in a bike with weather protection and places to put stuff (bags?), it’s a no-sale for me.

    • Ryan M says:

      I agree..

  8. Rich says:

    Well, it’s out. Called the MT-09. 3 cylinder naked. Looks like a fun bike. See if we get it in the states.

  9. jonnyblaze says:

    It’s out! The MT-09. Naked 850cc triple.

  10. Baza says:

    Bring on a 350 -599 cc two stroke! Preferably 599cc, to get the lower ACC levy rate in NZ.

  11. Mabe says:

    Bring XJR1300, please!!

  12. Panic Stop says:

    I think it will be a updated XS-650 in a bobber or street tracker package.

  13. Redruff'nsore says:

    Judging by the teaser, looks like a it be a great bike for smoking rock cocaine. Sorry, I’ve had a few hoppy beers tonight

  14. MiracleBill says:

    I want a sport standard with a triple and I don’t care who makes it. If no one fulfills my wish I may have to buy the CB1100. The buzz on the crossplane triple has been going on since the Fall. All we learn from the video is the Dark Side bike will have an upright riding position.
    I have been begging Triumph to make a modern version of the Thunderbird Sport which died off in 2004. It’s a bolt upright, feet underneath, wide bar standard that handles beautifully with fully adjustable suspension front and rear. It has a torquey 885cc triple that makes beautiful music.

  15. Brent Meeker says:

    “Naked bike”? A bike is nude, not naked. “Naked” means unprotected, not unclothed. It’s the rider that is naked. A half hour on the freeway and he’ll be wishing he had something to protect him from the 80mph wind.

    • Starmag says:

      Like a plexifairing that can be taken on and off in under a minute? A friend just bought a MG Norge with a huge amount of permanantly attached plastic in it’s fairing. I’d rather have a clear fairing that can be taken off when not needed. The coverage is actually better on my plexifairing than what comes on the Norge.

  16. Starmag says:

    Mr. Edge, there’s some great guesses here. How about a small prize for who’s the closest, judged by you?

  17. Agent55 says:

    It’s the release of the new triple in some sort of sporting street-package. Looking forward to it!

  18. Fe570 says:

    As long as we are all shooting in the dark, I hope they threw the 70hp 500cc twin from their Phazer snowmobile into the WR250R/X frame!

  19. Haydn says:

    Given that Yamaha has just entered into the Professional stunting arena in Australia by signing and promoting a top rider it makes sense the bike will be aimed at this.. I think it will be an 800cc version of Triumphs street triple, probably with some more bodywork to make the link to a traditional sportsbike.

  20. Mark M says:

    Google the “Yamaha Cage Six concept” bike. I bet we’ll see something like that with a little less flair.

  21. Gronde says:

    It’s hype. Rest assured, nothing earth shattering is going to be revealed on June 11th. This is just a marketing ploy designed to get your attention on the day it’s released and nothing more. Are you really going to get excited over a triple?(Triumph been selling them for years) Even the re-release of a new generation 2-stroke won’t change your entire life because 2-strokes aren’t for everyone,even if they’re clean burning. You can all rest easy til’ June 11th as the spin doctors at Yamaha are just having a little fun with you. Go back to staring at you smart phones and save up your money for that retro CB1100 with the skinny tires.

  22. Skido says:

    Could Yamaha be bring back the 2-stroke in direct injected form? Cheap and fun.

  23. Doc says:

    Don’t really care about the new bike. All I want to know, who is the black haired Monster umbrella babe in the R1 commercials?

  24. paul A says:

    If they really want to change the sport motorcycle world make the damn thing affordable.

  25. Sam says:

    I ‘GOOGLED’ “new Yamaha 3 cylinder motorcycle” and actually seen a picture of it. It looks exactly like the FZ8 but has 3 exhaust pipes!


  26. MotoChris says:

    Yamaha already owns the technology for HPDI, the 2 stroke fuel injection. Could it be a large dsplacement stroker that weighs less than a 600 with class leading hp??? 🙂

  27. DiN0 says:

    Even tho it looks like the cross plane triple is coming, I”ll dream about the Tesseract… Just for the fun of it!

  28. Tonup says:

    The logo on the helmet chin has me intrigued… Triangulated triple cylinder arrangement!?!
    Is that even plausible?

    • Tim says:

      You’re on to something. I doubt triangulated, but definitely it’s a hint that it’s the triple they’ve been working on.

    • Starmag says:

      Tonup, (great moniker by the way), you may be right. It could be half a Horex! That WOULD be cool. Could the in-line triple motor they’ve been showing be just a ruse?

      • Starmag says:

        If it really is half-a-Horex, kudos to Yamaha. What a great idea. Compact, smooth enough, and great exhaust sounds. Here’s hoping that like the Horex:

        A) you can see the engine

        B) the engine itself is styled to be beautiful

        C) the engine is in a motorcycle, not some three or four wheeled contraption

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “The logo on the helmet chin has me intrigued… Triangulated triple cylinder arrangement!?!”

      just the pawnbroker’s logo. j/k, who knows that that is. keep thinking i’ve seen that somewhere before though…?

    • Rocky says:

      If it is a VR3 configuration, I wonder how the firing order would be arranged… There would need to be some serious counterbalancing. Also, they would need to find some elegant solutions for intake and exhaust routing… Still, elegant solutions is what Yamaha have always done best – in my head at least, I have always associated the tuning fork brand with clever, novel engineering.

    • x-planer says:

      Like part of a VW VR6 motor? Interesting. It would set ’em apart from other triples for sure.

      • MiracleBill says:

        An inline triple doesn’t exactly have them blending in with the masses. The streets aren’t flooded with Triumphs and MV Agustas.

        • Starmag says:

          Ture enough, however, manufacturers love exclusives and as evidenced by this thread, consumers love the “latest thing”. (as long as it works properly, and even sometimes when it doesn’t).

  29. Ross says:

    Might it be the final product of that crossplane triple they displayed at the bike show?

  30. Gabe says:

    675cc Triple to replace the 8-model-year-old R6. Do I get a prize if I’m right?

    • Norm G. says:

      i’d like to think yamaha’s too smart to fix something that isn’t broken. wait, my smartphone’s been bombarded by a flurry of texts. beaubier, gagne, beach, lewis, gerloff, and lowes all say they like their R6’s exactly the way they are (ie. winning) thank you very much.

      • Dave says:

        Sales #’s are what determine if a product is broken or not. Those guys opinions and wins mean little if the bike’s sales continue to dwindle.

        • Norm G. says:

          change for the sake of change is not a sales bonanza make. apples to oranges. you’re confusing bike side for the robust model of car side.

          • Dave says:

            Not confusing anything. If the sales decline, the two choices are change or watch it die. A smart company will always choose to change and we’ve seen how quickly any of them will walk away from AMA racing (Suzuki USA after dominating for a decade) if they don’t like the direction of the breeze.

  31. Rickrace says:

    How about a hyper moto with Some real power, instead of a dead beaten xt 500 oil dump-sump.

  32. ol' D.W. says:

    “Brutal Animal”…so probably not a 400 or 750 triple, or even a 750 single motard. Hmm, what could it be? Maybe we will finally get a liquid cooled v-twin liter bike 15 years too late? Well I can dream can’t I?

  33. graham mccullough says:

    i am hoping it’s that retro 1300cc nacked they sell overseas.

  34. Jim says:

    Yamaha 3 cylinder competition for Tuono & 2014 Superduke? If so, Yamaha has my attention.

  35. Michael_H says:

    Yamaha doesn’t have a 250-300cc sportbike in its product lineup. The Honda and Kawi bikes in that category have the market to themselves. Since the is for an urban (as opposed to highway motorcycle), it is reasonable to speculate that Yamaha is going to introduce a product to fill that medium displacement niche.