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Midual Resurfaces in Carmel With Unique Flat Twin Design


Way back in 1999, we wrote about the unique Midual flat twin placed lengthwise in a motorcycle design that appeared headed for production. In 1999, French brothers Olivier and Francois Midy relied on English designer Glynn Kerr for their simple presentation of a 900 cc motorcycle.

While the old Midual never quite made it into production, the new bike (pictured here), featuring additional bore and stroke for a 1036 cc displacement, is planned to be available for purchase by 35 discerning, and wealthy customers at a price approaching $200,000 per unit.


Called the Midual Type 1, the machine has a bespoke look and top notch components from Olhins and Brembo, among others.

The finish of the machine is gorgeous, and the design attractive, to our eyes. Some things seem rather impractical, however, including placement of the numerous gauges on the tank where they should be quite difficult to examine while riding.

Midual claims that the unusual engine design, placed lengthwise in the frame and angled downward at 25 °, puts out 106 hp and 74 foot/pounds of torque. Cylinders are a modern DOHC, four-valve design. Midual claims the unique engine layout contributes to a “low center of gravity and low longitudinal inertia”, allowing for “extraordinary handling and maneuverability”.

While we would rather just look at the photos, you can find more technical details at






  1. kjazz says:

    I especially like the way the gauges are practically unreadable (safely) unless stopped. And totally unreadable if using a tank bag. Plus…. exhaust gases love corners….. whatever.

  2. Skif says:

    Gentlemen, it is a high honor for me to introduce to you the Marquis de Steampunk, all of France salutes you.

  3. Al Pinaweiss says:


    what is even more intriguing, actually
    (looking at the engine layout), is the open
    possibility that they’ll soon make a Misingle
    thumper, with the rear cylinder cut-off, and the
    front one inclined downwards like on the Midual.

    now that would be a nice lightweight thumper,
    with an extremely low CoG (and perhaps a tad
    more accessible mortgage pricetag).

    Al Pinaweiss

  4. Phil says:

    Love it!! Not another V twin!! hope it will not follow the Voxan destiny!! And yes! only creative people as French can have done this!!

  5. rg500g says:

    In the words of the late, great American auteur, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, “savage and unnatural”. Only the French would have such arrogance as to price that vehicle at $200K. I do admire unmitigated gall though.

  6. Eric says:

    Perhaps they should have sold the design to someone else to build…Buell for example.

  7. Mr.Mike says:

    There are plenty of people that will not even blink at the price. They want something unique and fashionable that they can stow in the garage of their superyacht to pull out and cruise the streets of Monaco when they visit for a few weeks. These are the people that pre-order the latest special edition carbon skinned Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bugatti just to one-up their friends. I’m sure Midual will sell enough. If you want one of your own just poke around in the dark back corners of the garages in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia in a few years, where you’re sure to find one or two low mileage examples, abandoned for the next fashion statement.

  8. Doug says:

    coolest bike since the Horex. I’ll take one of each.

  9. Frank says:

    Unique and stylish engineering and design. Thanks for the effort to bring us all something new and different to look at in the realm of motorcycles as functional art.

    Hey Red, I have the solution to your quandary:
    First, forget about paying off the mortgage, or putting your kids through college. Here’s what you do:

    a. Have the kids take out a fat student loan. If they don’t have strong enough credit, you co-sing for them. It won’t make any difference with my plan.

    b. After they graduate, have them move to Belize, use that education to get a good job and a nice place, and skip out on the student loan like most everyone else does.

    c. Next, you sell the house, and you and the wife move to Beliize and move in with them. You supported them for 18-20 years, now it’s their turn!

    d. Oh, and don’t forget to take the Midual. From what it looks like, there should be a lot of good riding days for you down there.

    Good Luck and enjoy!

    • Dave says:

      There are almost no paved roads in Belize. A KLR 650 would be good there, though. With the ~195k you saved you could live comfortably for a decade and not have to make your kids exiles from their home country.

  10. Jive monkey says:

    200k….. How many will they let me order

  11. haven’t seen a better integrated radiator on any other bike. Cool frame.

    For me, this bike needs modern, dark rims and less shine on the body work. Love the motor even if it is in a mild state of tune.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “For me, this bike needs modern, dark rims and less shine on the body work.”

      in the works. it’ll be the less expensive Midual “dark”. 50% off.

  12. MrD says:

    This is a sharp looking unique bike that could really shine and be a riot to ride in the right environment…just like the grom. With that being said, for 200k you better give me something WAY over the top. Perhaps 600hp or unlimited mileage warranty with tires, gas and everything included, or does it come with a French mechanic waiting for you in your garage for post ride service?

  13. Bob L. says:

    Overall, a pretty nice profile. Obviously, great engineering and workmanship…that being said, something got lost in the design. It looks cobbled-together, somehow. Almost like they lost their way, between design and execution.
    My first thought? What a waste of time and money!

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “It looks cobbled-together, somehow. Almost like they lost their way, between design and execution.”

      click on the link for the old bike.

      • clasqm says:

        They should have stuck with the original design. it has an honesty of purpose about it.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “honesty of purpose”

          that wouldn’t be a euphemism for “agricultural” would it…? I once worked for a farmer. he was a good man, he had that.

  14. Gronde says:

    My guess is that it won’t be as reliable as anything built by Honda. Reminds me of what John Travolta said in Grease….”what a hunk of junk!”.

  15. Mark says:

    I like it, however being fifty million shy of having fifty million in the bank, I won’t be splurging $200k on one!

  16. Gixxerusa says:

    I can picture that in the living room of a mansion, inside a glass dome with a waterfall in the background. Don’t forget the special LED lighting too.
    But that’s missing the point of having a motorcycle imho.

  17. farnsky says:

    For $200k, the right and left mirrors should match.

  18. Tom R says:

    Haven’t seen any comments yet about the small dealer network…

  19. tuskerdu says:


  20. MJD says:

    It’s a beautiful bike from the side, but to me it loses it’s appeal by the gauges on the tank. Suddenly the bike becomes more of a fashion statement than a motorcycle. Maybe that’s the point…

  21. Ricardo says:

    I will rather buy 1-Ducati superleggera, 1-Confederate motorcucle, 2- Ducati MH900 carbon and still have money left to go touring on a BMW GT1600…then I woke up and was still dirt poor.

  22. Mars says:

    I started off worrying about a motorcycle this expensive tipping over. I know – if you can afford it….

    But here’s the thing – why don’t manufacturers acknowledge the fundamental fact of motorcycling – they fall over sometimes?

    We get bikes that can cost thousands to repair from a low speed or stand still tipover.

    It _is_ possible to design and make a bike that won’t get all screwed up form the inevitable. I am not asking for crash-proofing. I am saying – make them more robust as far as the parts that touch the ground when one tips over.

    Return to actual article content now.

    Ugleeeee bike. No thanks.

  23. red says:

    hmmm… pay off the mortgage and kids college – or buy a motorcycle with this hypothetical $200k? Let’s ask the wife.

    seriously, it’s cool and all but that’s an obscene amount of money for it.