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Piaggio Brands (Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa) Release New Models at EICMA

Piaggio 1 MY23

Piaggio 1 MY23
Piaggio 1 combines the winning features of the most modern e-scooter – agility and lightness for urban commuting combined with essentiality and practicality – with the quality and reliability of Piaggio scooters.
This means first and foremost safety, thanks to a solid chassis devoted to driving pleasure, but also an attractive design, high-level comfort and habitability and extensive technological equipment, which includes color digital instrumentation, 
full LED lights and keyless system. . Piaggio 1 is also the only e-scooter in its category with a large compartment under the saddle, capable of holding a full jet helmet.

Thanks to the interventions carried out on the Power Unit, the electric motor that equips the Piaggio 1 range, integrated in the rear wheel, is now able to offer better performance, which translates into greater brilliance and ease of driving in city traffic , characterized by frequent restarts. , and in a better starting point in the presence of slopes.

The moped version (Piaggio 1), with a speed limited to 45 km / h, can now count on an almost doubled peak power, equal to 2.3 kW, while the motorcycle version (Piaggio 1 Active) reaches a peak of 3 kW. . The result is a significant increase in terms of acceleration, which increases by 14% on Piaggio 1 and by almost 12% on Piaggio 1 Active.

In both versions, the battery is positioned under the saddle, easily removable in seconds and transportable to recharge comfortably at home or in the office.

Vespa GTS

Vespa GTS
Vespa GTS is in the history of the most beloved two-wheeler in the world having collected the legacy of the legendary “Vespone”, this is how Vespas with the largest body – strictly in steel – have always been baptized. Vespa with which to move elegantly in the city but also ready for travel, even for adventure thanks to always generous engines. Stylistically it evolves sharply , maintaining that magical balance between tradition and modernity that emerges from the lines of GTS, refined with obsessive care in every smallest detail, thus raising the perceived quality to levels never touched before. New is the “tie” of the shield, in addition to the metal profiles of the body, now available in different finishes, while the entire lighting is completely LED. The rear part has also been revised, introducing new side panels, a new license plate holder and new shapes of the lighting system. Also new are the mirrors, the handlebar, now wider and more ergonomic, and the electric controls, while new instruments with more information and the keyless system are introduced.. Also new is the saddle, more comfortable and better finished, which allows you to put your feet on the ground better. In terms of comfort, the new Vespa GTS takes a decisive step forward also thanks to the new front suspension with a more controlled operation and better able to absorb any kind of roughness. Also new is the most efficient and powerful braking system. Standard is ABS and the rear wheel anti-skid system. Four versions in the range that differ in trim and color variants (for a total of 14 colors available), while the new Vespa GTS is available in two engines: the 300 hpe, capable of almost 24 HP, the most powerful engine ever mounted on a standard Vespa and the 125 of the i-get series equipped with Start & Stop, with brilliant performance, 

Vespa GTV

Vespa GTV
On the basis of the Vespa GTS, the new Vespa GTV is born in a totally revolutionized guise, maintaining the inevitable references to the origins of the myth, but combining them with state-of-the-art technological equipment and unprecedented sporty finishes. The result is an extraordinary combination of tradition and modernity, between classicism and aggression, which takes the form of the most authentically sporty Vespa ever. The characteristic low headlight features LED technology, while the new instrumentation maintains the elegant circular shape but is completely digital , a solution that allows you to take advantage of the functions offered by the Vespa MIA connectivity system, available as an accessory. The instrumentation is connected to the handlebar through an original cantilevered support and is wrapped in a gritty small windshield with a clear sporting inspiration. At the center of the shield the unmistakable “tie” has sporty side slits and is embellished with friezes with orange edging. Also new is the five-spoke design of the wheel rims, painted in matt black with orange channel graphics.

Another distinctive element of the Vespa GTV is the two-tone saddle with a single-seater racing look , with the rear part providing for the installation of a rigid cover in body color that incorporates the typical fairings of racing Vespas. The cover is available as an accessory and is removable. 

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe
The new Vespa Primavera Color Vibe is a tribute to the colorful and carefree universe of Vespa. Vespa Primavera Color Vibe is characterized by a special two- tone livery : the body, available in Impulsive Orange and Innocent White , is in fact combined with a Ottanio-colored footrest , a shade of turquoise with a strong and decisive character.
An original “spot” of contrasting color that, edged in black, runs diagonally across the body through the graphics dedicated to the sides of the shield and sides. In Ottanio the friezes of the typical “tie” on the shield and the
exclusive wheel rims, made exclusively for this version in a particular metallic glossy finish.

The set-up, yet another proof of the Vespa’s eclecticism, is completed by sporty black details : the headlight and rear light frames, the profile that runs along the shield, the crest on the front fender, the spring and the front suspension cover. , the passenger grab rail and the silencer cover. The saddle is black, with anthracite stitching.

Vespa 946 10th Anniversary

Vespa 946 10th Anniversary
Ten years after its birth, the exclusive Vespa 946 makes its debut in the special 10th Anniversary set-up, with an exclusive dedicated color scheme that is a modern reinterpretation of a classic Vespa shade, green. Faithful to its role as a forerunner of trends, the Vespa 946 10 ° Anniversario wears a soft and velvety shade, but with a hint of acidity that makes it extremely original. A shade that, not surprisingly, emerged as a trend of the Spring Summer 2023 fashion collections in the Fashion Weeks of New York, London and Milan. A pearly color that appears pastel at first glance, but then acquires depth once illuminated.

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  1. Marty says:

    Re: MG V100 Mandello

    ‘a motorcycle that escapes the conformism of being categorized into a category,’

    Wasn’t that tack taken more than once by Honda? Like with the ill-fated CTX1300?

  2. My2cents says:

    Always liked the Moto Guzzi products although I have never owned one. The Mandello however has everything right until I see the exhaust headers, they really need to be in the front and not exiting from the side. Extremely prone to tip over damage and just ugly. I find Moto Guzzi does odd stuff across the line. I was hooked on the V85TT until I read the specs and found out that the oil capacity is 2 litres. I just can’t imagine 2 litres providing proper lubrication and cooling in a air cooled engine. The 1400 California requires the rear wheel to be removed to check differential fluid level. Even oil changes require a odd method of replacing the filter element, looks like a messy task too. Spin on filters rule. But the visuals of Moto Guzzi are worthy of praise.

    • MGNorge says:

      I’ve owned my ’08 Norge since new and have yet to tip it over, not saying it couldn’t or won’t. There are many bikes prone to expensive tip over damage should they go over, but I don’t sweat it at all. How much damage a V100 might have is not a certain thing. There is a shield there of course but maybe more for heat protection than deflecting damage? My 1200cc Norge has an oil capacity of ~3 liters, no problems there that I have noticed. I have a hard time thinking Guzzi sacrificed oiling and heat damage for any other reasons. That would surely come back to haunt them in a very negative way. Also, my Norge has an external spin-on filter right there underneath, protected but also easy to change. I agree there are some oddities, but they don’t all exist with every model. It’s the nature of the beasts.

      • My2cents says:

        Thanks for the feedback, again the visuals of the V85TT are pleasing. I find the oddities concerning but not negative enough to completely steer me away.

        • Nick says:

          I share your feelings about the V85TT but worry about the number of low-mileage versions for sale in the UK. It could be because it looks taller than most MGs, or maybe there’s a problem with them?

          Hopefully for its future, the Mandello has shed some of the crudeness I’ve always experienced with Guzzis. I’d like to love them, but…

          • Eric says:

            Nothing wrong with the V85TT other than it’s a bit on the tall side for a street bike but lower than a full-on ADV bike with longer travel suspension. I’d say it’s somewhere in between but maybe still too tall for some folks.

    • todd says:

      Though, ultimately, air is the method of dispersion, the V100 is a water cooled lump and the half gallon of oil is allowed to focus more on lubrication than cooling.

    • Hans Requellian says:

      I’ve owned 10 Guzzis since 1986. Latest is V85TT. 2 quarts of oil is plenty with an oil cooler and excellent design like Guzzi has

    • Jim says:

      I’ve come close to buying a Guzzi on multiple occasions only to end up with something more functional for less money. Someday I’ll throw caution (and my cash) to the wind and buy something that just looks cool.

  3. todd says:

    The Guzzi V100 and Aprilia 660 sure look nice but I realized long ago that there is just as much enjoyment riding a 20-30 year old bike you picked up for $3,000.

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