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Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Slated for Tokyo Motor Show

You see a lot of strange concepts displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show, but this one caught our eye.  There is something charming/retro about this ultra lightweight, air cooled single from Yamaha.  Although Yamaha isn’t saying, it doesn’t look like this machine could weigh more than 150 pounds.  The tire sizes look like they come from a mountain bike/beach cruiser bicycle, so one would have to wonder how they would hold up to even semi-aggressive cornering.  Nevertheless, if you value simplicity, this is an attractive concept.

Here is the sum total of what Yamaha has had to say about the Y125 MOEGI prior to the show:

This concept model is a fresh embodiment of Yamaha design philosophy that combines the familiar look and feel of a bicycle in a motorcycle. Mounting a world standard 125cc class engine on a slim, lightweight frame, this model is designed to offer good fuel economy with an easy and enjoyable ride. Besides its appeal as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, it sports an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends.


  1. Fletch says:

    I really like this ride! How much and how soon.

  2. big bopper says:

    I absolutely love the sheer simplicity of this design. A quick web search has other sites reporting the engine as a 125cc and weight around 80kg. It would make a great commuter bike.

  3. Patrick, I think you are right – looks like a belt. Wow, what a cool rig. Cornering fiends need not apply. But imagine it if could get 90mpg and go 80mph. It would be an ultimate city rig. I know it will never happen but if this could be a 200cc twin with FI and maybe just a bit bigger tires, it’s a home run. I’d get one without hesitation.

  4. BillW says:

    Impressive; I’ve been scouting ‘Home-bilt moto-bicycles’ for a long time to find a durable design for traveling. I’m impressed with possibilities of this.

  5. Steve says:

    Looks very interesting for sure, but the narrow tires are a concern. Something like this would be ideal for commuting and you might even get away with parking it at a bicycle rack. The price would have to be right though.

  6. Patrick says:

    Is it just me or does it look like belt drive rather than a chain?