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Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Slated for Tokyo Motor Show

You see a lot of strange concepts displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show, but this one caught our eye.  There is something charming/retro about this ultra lightweight, air cooled single from Yamaha.  Although Yamaha isn’t saying, it doesn’t look like this machine could weigh more than 150 pounds.  The tire sizes look like they come from a mountain bike/beach cruiser bicycle, so one would have to wonder how they would hold up to even semi-aggressive cornering.  Nevertheless, if you value simplicity, this is an attractive concept.

Here is the sum total of what Yamaha has had to say about the Y125 MOEGI prior to the show:

This concept model is a fresh embodiment of Yamaha design philosophy that combines the familiar look and feel of a bicycle in a motorcycle. Mounting a world standard 125cc class engine on a slim, lightweight frame, this model is designed to offer good fuel economy with an easy and enjoyable ride. Besides its appeal as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, it sports an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends.


  1. Fletch says:

    I really like this ride! How much and how soon.

  2. big bopper says:

    I absolutely love the sheer simplicity of this design. A quick web search has other sites reporting the engine as a 125cc and weight around 80kg. It would make a great commuter bike.

  3. Patrick, I think you are right – looks like a belt. Wow, what a cool rig. Cornering fiends need not apply. But imagine it if could get 90mpg and go 80mph. It would be an ultimate city rig. I know it will never happen but if this could be a 200cc twin with FI and maybe just a bit bigger tires, it’s a home run. I’d get one without hesitation.

  4. BillW says:

    Impressive; I’ve been scouting ‘Home-bilt moto-bicycles’ for a long time to find a durable design for traveling. I’m impressed with possibilities of this.

  5. Steve says:

    Looks very interesting for sure, but the narrow tires are a concern. Something like this would be ideal for commuting and you might even get away with parking it at a bicycle rack. The price would have to be right though.

  6. Patrick says:

    Is it just me or does it look like belt drive rather than a chain?

  7. Dave says:

    I think it is neat.

  8. George Krpan says:

    I love it. Some 50cc scooters with CVTs can go 50mph. With 125cc and manual shift this bike would fly. The motorcycles can’t keep up with the racers on the fast, tight descents of the Tour de France and their tires are far skinnier than the ones on this Yamaha.

  9. Wendy says:

    NIce design, but it is darn near impossible to sell small displacement motorcycles here in the USA!USA!USA!, since many people think a 600cc sportbike with 110HP is a “small” bike.

    Also, it would have to sell for almost $3,000.00 puts it right out of the “gee that looks nice” I think I will buy one category.

    However, if Yamaha can bang them out in India, get the retail down to about $1,500.00, when gas gets back up to $5.00 a barrel, they won’t build container ships fast enough.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      $1500? My mountainbike costs more than that. If a production version were to look anything like the concept, I can’t imagine it would cost less than $5000. It would be a pleasant surprise if it did cost less. There are some pretty sophisticated curves on that bike that won’t be spit out by a stamping machine. I’m sure the target market is the lifestyle crowd that buy iphones and wear scarfs during the summer because they think people admire them for it, price be damned.

  10. ABQ says:

    I always admired those old movies that showed people in post war Europe riding motorized bicycles. I want mine with a rack and or baskets. Who seriously thought of putting a passenger seat on this?…On second thought, is this a product of the austerity we are being nudged into? I hope not. I don’t want American cities to look like an image from post war Amsterdam, or China.

  11. patrick o says:

    Change the name to Mr. Moegi.

  12. patrick o says:

    It’s PERFECT

  13. Jim says:

    I want one.

  14. Rick says:

    It reminds me of my uncle’s 50’s vintage moped …in a small village in Italy. This type of bike would be perfect for the Tuscan Hill backroads, or buzzing around in the City. It’s a European way of life, every house has a moped, scooter, etc…and if you want to corner agressively you buy a bike for that reason. It’s coming in North America… slowly but surely.

  15. Kjazz says:

    Hey PeeWee!!!! We found your bike!!!!!!!

    • Austin Hunt says:

      My thoughts exactly. Can’t believe so many here like it. It looks a little too girly man for me. (Arnold voice)

      • Kjazz says:

        Well, it’s real cute and stuff, kinda pretty, nice sculpted lines, pearl paint etc. But I guarantee if any one of us sat on it, it would look real bad, real quick. You’d practically have to be dressed like the guys in Logan’s Run just to seem …. right? I’ll bet a 180 lb guy sitting on this with boots and a jacket would really look wrong, no….? C’mon. There are mountain bikes out there with more hair on em than this silly thing. But… to each his own.

        • Kjazz says:

          Plus, the contact patch(s) on that bike are miniscule. A 125cc running on that rubber could quickly create a very bad situation. Skinny tires = less contact. And when they do break loose, there’s no more tire to catch it with. Somebody mentioned bicycle racers routinely go down hills at 50 or 60 mph. True, but they’re racing and getting paid to do it. And the human body cant match the power that comes outa that little 125. Meaning it’ll over power itself and again loose grip. And dont even think about hitting a wet spot in the road like a damp crossing stripe, or man hole cover or a RR crossing………

  16. Jason says:

    This is awesome Yamaha!!!

    Please build this!
    Where’s the supermoto version?

  17. ze says:

    As a fan of bicycles & motorcycles myself,
    i think it’s very interesting …

  18. kirk66 says:

    I like it. I would purchase one if it were reasonably priced. With the 125cc motor I would guess a reasonable 45mph speed. With today’s racing bicycles I imagine that the tires would be easy to source. So, pop on some small LED turnsignals and bar end mirror and happy inner city putting.

  19. Patrick says:

    The Whizzer updated for the 21st century. What goes around comes around

  20. GPokluda says:


    Yamaha, please build this and bring it to the US!

    Motorcycle Daily, please continue covering bikes like these and scooters.

    Haters, get over it.

  21. Gutterslob says:

    Speaking of Tokyo Motor Show concepts. Anyone see Honda’s RC-E? It’s utterly gorgeous!

  22. Denny says:

    No stone left unturned, eh? To my taste it needs to be little bit boxier. But, this is definitely more attractive than scooter of same size (not weight!).

  23. Tom Shields says:

    That is pretty friggin’ cool.

  24. Jeremy in TX says:

    That is probably the most interesting design I’ve seen in a very long time. To my eye, I think it is one of the most elegant and captivating bike designs I’ve ever beheld. Pure class. It is nice to see something so fresh and original. The design looks as retro as it does futuristic. Seems like it would cost a fortune as is. I hope that they don’t ruin it during a mass production rework should they choose to bring it to market.

  25. MGNorge says:

    Taken as is and because it is a concept it does draw the eye. But on a practical note it would seem that the tires fitted would be overwhelmed by not just the weight of bike and rider but the speeds and cornering loads a 125cc engine would/could offer. Either the tires would need to be beefed up or the engine stepped down to perhaps 50cc. But as one posted already, seems a bit more like art than something practical.

  26. Pat Walker says:

    Yamaha designs the perfect bike for every limp wristed metrosexual.

  27. Steve NJ says:

    I’d like to see the higher performance “Board Track” version….

    how cool would that be…. I’ll take mine with brakes though…

  28. DingerJunkie says:

    My wife and kids would each love one of those. Keep it clean with slim-profile LED turn signals and it will be a total hit. I’d use one in-town or on vacations for sure. Nice job hiding the rear suspension, even…awesome.

  29. harry says:

    No turn signals = off road. No rear suspension?
    What can this do that any other 125 cant?
    Can you see Steve McQueen booking up the NYS Thruway on this?

  30. Gutterslob says:

    That engine looks lovely!!

  31. Tominator says:

    My ass hurts looking at the thong seat along with what looks like a hardtail rear suspension. Other than that I think is just “darling”?

  32. Cory says:

    Absolutely beautiful design. Clean, classic lines. It would be a hoot in the 125cc form, but it would sell like hotcakes with a 50cc scooter motor to avoid being called a motorcycle in most states.

  33. Gham says:

    I can see one strapped to every Florida bound RV now,it might get you beat up at bike night though

  34. Tom says:

    I want this bike so bad. I just road a tomos moped across country 4000 miles in 20 days. It was a blast but slow. So I know how useful and enjoyable a bike like this would be. Build it and I will buy one.

  35. Bob says:

    This is the modern NSU Quickley without pedals, I love it.

  36. Hot Dog says:

    I want one really bad. I mean REALLY bad!

  37. chris says:

    it looks like insanity to load that bicycle up with a 125cc Yammie motor! I guess it might be tons of fun to drift one!!!

  38. Gary says:

    An extremely elegant answer to a question no one has asked. A great conversation piece. If the conversation begins with, “what the @$#& is that?”

  39. Breeze says:

    That is to cool! Very nicely done Yamaha! If I bought one I would mount it on the wall in my living room!

  40. Drew says:

    Ahh…the return of the lightweight single. As all things evolve, the future lineup of models based on this one could possibly include a replacement for the SR500.

  41. Rocky V says:

    My girl friend would love this — if it had a semi auto 4 speed–
    and you would see me on it —

  42. RAD says:

    If this is brought stateside I will have to have one .

  43. steveinsandiego says:

    aggressive cornering?

    don’t think so.

    how ‘about lazy beach cruisin’?

  44. Gentleman Rook says:

    That is SO elegant–classy, sleek, and freaking lovely to behold. If I wasn’t built along the scale of a grizzly bear I’d own one, and drive it with a HUGE smile on my face.

  45. paul246 says:

    Wow, I love it… and want one!

  46. Trpldog says:

    Wow. THATS one from left field! – I like it!

  47. Rick Rocket says:

    Forget the E-Bikes! This thing is VERY COOL and should get 75mpg. Build this in the Yellow/Black livery and you sell a million!

  48. Justin says:

    I dig it. Looks like it would make a fantastic city bike for those of us who don’t really want a scooter.

  49. mudnducs says:

    Now THAT is cool!!!!!!

  50. Shannon says:


  51. Roadrash1 says:

    Better keep an eye out for potholes!

    • Dave says:

      They probably won’t be coming at you too fast. lol

      Neat to see them playing with some really new ideas. Seems like light, off highway bikes could have always been a lot lighter without being mopeds. I hope this kind of idea catches on.

  52. RC says:

    Where do I put my deposit? this would be a great daily commuter and wth today’s gas prices my V-rod still does nto give good miles per gallon :-). Awesome design…

  53. Yoyodyne says:

    Fantastic, kudos to Yamaha!

  54. Tom says:

    I like it. If they produce it and bring it over here it would probably sell in this battered economy.

  55. Kevin says:

    Very nicely done and not that different from some of the bicycles you’ll find in Japan.
    Actually if you removed the 125 single and replaced it with an eMotor that already exists
    in Japan and in BMX format. Traveling the planet is a good way for all to see exactly what
    we’re missing.

  56. RD350 says:

    That bike is an updated version of the very first Yamaha .. I think it was called the YA1

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