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Honda Introduces two new Scooters for 2013

Honda started out its 2013 model year early, showing two new scooters to bolster its lineup. The PCX 150 builds on the success of the sporty, affordable  PCX125 we rode in 2010, while an updated Metropolitan 50 provides a low-budget transportation solution to those in inner cities.

The PCX 150’s main update is a bigger engine with more power. The liquid-cooled, four-stroke 150cc Single is now freeway-legal in states like California. The top speed I experienced on the 125 version was around 60 mph indicated, so expect more engine mods than just the 25cc displacement bump if this bike will be able to actually cruise comfortably at freeway speeds. New seat padding promises better endurance for those longer trips, as well. A sleek new black color option rounds out the changes; USA pricing hasn’t been announced (although the bike will see dealers in the summer), so we’ll see how much more you’ll pay for that freeway-riding option over the 2011, and we’ll see if the Chinese-built PCX bumps the Italian-built SH150 out of the 2013 lineup.

Small-scoot fans will cheer the return of the little Metropolitan 50, which hasn’t seen Honda showrooms since 2009. It’s back with a new fuel-injected, air-cooled 49cc two-valve engine with Honda’s promise of “ample power” as well as 117 estimated mpg. There are some new styling touches—a new headlight, taillight and instruments, along with a different handlebar. There’s also a storage bin large enough for a one-liter bottle, and there’s a new parcel hook for your shopping convenience. Perhaps the best news is the price—it’s $1,999, $50 less than the 2009. Honda tells us the scoot will be available in June.

No word on where this new Metropolitan is made, but I’d put money on China—which is where the PCX as well as the Elite 110 are made. My experience with the Chinese-made Honda products is that they seem as well-made and good-performing as Honda products built in other countries. If outsourcing to our Chinese friends lets the masses get their asses on high-quality, good-performing and economical transportation, it can’t be all bad.


  1. Al says:

    We need the SH300 and the Integra. Stop giving us lousy options Honda US.

  2. Steve says:

    Actually the Honda PCX125 and the new PCX150 coming soon are built in the Thailand Plant the New Honda Metropolitan will be made in the China Plant. FYI..

  3. Harvey Mushman says:

    “The Metropolitan hasn’t seen the Honda showroom since 2009.”

    Actually, there are 2009 Metropolitans still sitting in many Honda showrooms. (Forecasting model demand is tough. My local Yamaha and Suzuki dealers have NOS on the floor as well.)

  4. nick says:

    pcx is made in thailand with the cbr250r, not china, the nhx 110 was made in china.

  5. John says:

    Of course they did.

  6. toad says:

    The really need a 250 in their lineup.

  7. PatrickD says:

    With regards to the underseat storage, I own a 2011 PCX125 and the underseat is the best of any small sccoter that I was looking at. With the XL full face helmet that I wear (no laughing, please), many scooters just won’t accomodate that underseat, which is fundamental to why I wanted a scooter (four miles from my house to the train station, and I don’t want to lug a lid round with me all day). I’m impressed with it so far (3000 miles) – smart, nice detailing and my last tank just got me 100 mpg (UK gallaons). Just over 60 mph for me and I’ve been able to take a passenger too. I keep my big bikes for other runs when they can get properly warmed up and this thing is also easy to keep clean.

  8. Paul says:

    @Gary, I was told 112mpg by one of the Japanese staff at the Bangkok Motor Show today.

  9. Gary says:

    It would be good to know the MPG of the 150 … as well as the under-seat storage capacity. Is that info available?

  10. xootrx says:

    As a long time Honda fan, I have to wonder if they will ever build a bike for me again. The new 700 twin is certainly in my price range, but the 33 inch seat height, for a street oriented, fake adventure bike won’t cut it. And yet, all these scooters, for cryin’ out loud. I understand the world wide thing, but is the American market for these things really that big? I’m buying again this year, and it looks like a Yamaha FZ6R, or perhaps a Kawasaki 650 Ninja, is what I’ll be getting. Too bad for me, since the local Honda dealer is the best. Ah well.