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LSL Neuters the Husqvarna Nuda

When we tested the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and 900R, we came away impressed with the performance offered by the modified BMW twin in the new Husqvarna chassis. While it is hard to argue with the performance, not everyone is impressed by the edgy styling of the new Huskys.

Enter the German fabricator and customizer LSL, which has transformed the look of the Nuda into that of a more classic roadster.

Starting with a round headlamp, together with a more classic shape to the seat and fenders, LSL added spoke wheels that save 8 pounds and shortened the suspension travel. Complimenting several other LSL parts is a more classically shaped gas tank. What do you think?


  1. Nick says:

    Far as I’m concerned the only really off thing about the factory Nuda is the front fender.

  2. Norm G. says:

    now i’m thinking a set of clip-ons or clubmans and a dust bin with an appropriately styled tank and tail.

  3. Bones says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who wonders why the seat needs to be so high. Looks pretty good otherwise, but I’d take a Street Triple before this Husky.

  4. Bud says:

    What’s the seat height on that thing? Looks like a mile high

  5. Tim says:

    Oh, I see now. What looks like the fuel tank is just a cover so the actual tank may be shaped a bit differently and allow for a more complete filling.

  6. Denny says:

    Looks much better. Those lately fashioned “monsters” with superuglly head lights (no relation to Ducati) are completelly off. This is good looking, almost classical machine. But, just as writer below says it would help if there is some sort of sidepanels. Then I’d call it perfect.

  7. GP says:

    I like it, but: If the bike doesn’t actually *have* 16″ of rear wheel travel, flatten out the seat, and drop the seat height and rear fender to where they could/should be.

  8. TomS says:

    I do like the UJM-ness. But it does look like it’s missing a couple of side panels; it’s kind of messy looking with everything exposed.

  9. ABQ says:

    Put the gas cap on the RIGHT side and it will be done.

  10. Nick says:

    ..and now, at what cost? !!!

  11. skybullet says:

    I like it too. This would be a big improvement on my F800GS. Obviously lighter, more powerful and functional with non-gimmick styling. Husky ought to make a deal with these guys.

  12. Allworld says:

    It sure is a good looking bike, now will we be able to buy one here in the USA.

  13. Bob says:

    Very nice! I would like a different muffler or maybe a black finish so it doesnt stand out so much, but thats a good looking bike!

  14. Manny says:


  15. JJ says:

    I want this bike!
    Add a rugged top case & saddle bags please.

  16. vince says:

    Love it! I have a soft spot for the round headlight. My Buell X1 had one. I like that look better than for example, the new Z1000.

  17. Agent55 says:

    Very cool, doesn’t feel fully sorted, but a couple small tweaks and it’d be in the running for coolest retro-standard along side the GT1000.

  18. joe b says:

    some traingle shaped aluminum sheet, where a typical frame cover would be seems to be missing.

  19. clasqm says:

    Looks like you could store a whole ‘nuther motorcycle between rear wheel and fender.

  20. Norm G. says:

    it’s like a german monster. that thing is screaming for dual pipes.

  21. Kent says:

    I wasn’t too crazy about the original styling…but I think I like it better after seeing this variation. Somewhere in the middle: make me know that it came from Husqvarna, but don’t make it look like it just finished a hare scrambles.

  22. dino says:

    that’s like a good old Universal Motorcycle, updated with better motor, brakes, suspension, etc!!

    Might not be good for touring, but bolt on a small windshield and bags and go. And the styling looks normal (a GOOD thing)!

    That kind of bodywork, on a slightly damaged sportbike, sounds like great fun! Mmmmmm…

  23. Gary says:

    Well, to tell the truth, I think the headlight looks too generic. As mentioned by others, too much clearance on rear fender with tire, and that fender along with the tail light looks cheap and wimpy. The offset fuel cap looks a little strange as does the muffler support bracket. I would also prefer more classic styled side covers in the same color as the fuel tank instead of the black ones to I guess blend in with the trellis style frame. The radiator should also have some kind of shroud especially on the right side (but preferably for the whole radiator), so one would not have to see those hoses, protect the radiator somewhat, etc. Sorry guys, good start, it just needs some finishing touches.

    • MGNorge says:

      “The offset fuel cap looks a little strange..”

      And would seem to be on the downhill side when on the side stand while fueling.

      As others have stated, it seems a tad unfinished. If my intent was to go cruising, especially on longer rides, I would not start here.

  24. Thoppa says:

    Very cool look – well done LSL.

  25. Dingerjunkie says:

    While both are nice, the LSL sits more comfortably with my sense of style.

  26. mickey says:

    I like the LSL model only it has about 10″ too much gap between rear tire and fender IMO. Looks similar to the Ducati GT 1000

  27. todd says:

    MUCH better than a Ducati GT even though it shares the GT’s motorcrossish rear tire clearance. Like falcodoug says, I like both too but I’d be riding a Husqy Moab home if they offered it.


  28. falcodoug says:

    I like the original and the LSL model!

  29. brinskee says:

    I think it looks as badass (in a different way) as the original designs. Love it when these companies do a rebrand!