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Royal Enfield Continental GT: The Most Legit Cafe Racer?


Royal Enfield has finally unveiled its production Continental GT cafe racer. The British brand, now manufactured in India, has taken its air-cooled single from 499cc to 535cc, bumping crank horsepower to 29.1 (from 27.2) with a peak of 32.4 pound/feet of torque.

Not “rip-our-arms-out-of-their-sockets” power, but adequate to pull the sub-400 pound machine along smartly. After all, the Continental GT is more about style than outright performance.


Don’t expect to “do the ton” on a Continental GT as you race from one cafe to the next, but you can certainly look the part. With 18″ wheels, Paioli shocks and a Brembo front brake caliper, there is a bit of substance to go along with that style.

Maybe it isn’t saying much, but this is the “lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production”, according to the manufacturer. The following video will put you in the mood, if you aren’t there already, and you can find more details on Royal Enfield’s web site.



  1. Ricardo says:

    Well early this year I finished building my cafe racer, a 1978 Honda CB550K for a mere $1800 dlls. including the purchase of the bike!! it turns heads everywhere I go, it looks good and can do 95 mph on it, probable can do more if I do some twiking with the engine but is fine as it is. So just image what you can do wih $6k…food for thought.