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“All Star” East Coast 125 Supercross Series Begins Saturday in Indianapolis

Saturday’s race in Indianapolis, Indiana features the first round of the 125 East Coast AMA Supercross Series. This series, for a combination of reasons (including, but not limited to, West Coast rider Nathan Ramsey’s broken wrist earlier this year) brings together a virtual all star group of riders.

The obvious ones are last year’s East Coast and West Coast 125 Supercross champions, Yamaha’s Ernesto Fonseca and Kawasaki’s Nathan Ramsey. These two champions will face off against the much heralded rookie Suzuki rider Travis Pastrana. Other riders who could easily star in the East Coast series include Yamaha’s Stephane Roncada (who has looked very fast this year already on a 250, and in pre-season 125 races) and Honda’s Brock Sellards (who has really impressed everyone riding a 250 on the West Coast during the first part of the Supercross season).

Kawasaki’s Nick Wey and KTM’s Kelly Smith are also fast, up and coming riders. All in all, the East Coast series is jam packed with talent.

We’ll be back tomorrow night with results and analysis of both the 125 and 250 main events.