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Pastrana on the Edge

Team Suzuki's Travis Pastrana (Image courtesy

Tonight is round two of the Eastern 125cc Supercross series, a series which contains a number of “star” 125 riders (see MD’s article dated February 12, 2000). Last week, a wild and woolly 125cc main event in Indianapolis resulted in several crashes.

Travis Pastrana rode fast, but wildly, last week at Indianapolis, and some have even mentioned that there was talk of black flagging him for riding dangerously. Pastrana, of course, is the now-famous freestyler and motocrosser who won the X-Games freestyle motocross event and then appeared on the David Letterman show.

Pastrana is very young, and has only been riding as a pro for a few months. He has great speed and talent, but, we hope, he keeps it under control enough to avoid injuring himself and other riders.

The East Coast series is so fascinating, we suggest you watch the races as they appear on ESPN. Follow this link to a schedule of AMA Supercross showings on ESPN2.