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Anthony Gobert: This Time He’s Really Serious! (Really?)

Bimota’s recent press conference showcasing Anthony Gobert as their World Superbike rider this year involved some interesting comments by Gobert. Basically, Gobert said that this time he means business. He’s grown up, and he’s very serious (this time).

We’ve heard this from Anthony Gobert before, including, but not limited to, his comments following his suspension by the AMA for drug use in 1998. We heard it again when Gobert got a short stint on the Muz 500 GP bike toward the end of the 1999 GP season. Both times, Gobert was deadly serious, and both times he screwed up. Big time!

Frankly, I doubt anyone cares whether Gobert is serious about being serious this year. His occasional flashes of brilliant riding, coupled with occasional flashes of bizarre behaviour, make good entertainment. Don’t they? This year, the “Go Show” goes back to WSB, and he will undoubtedly add some interest and entertainment (see our extensive discussion of the WSB season in our article dated January 23, 2000).

Will he run at the front? Perhaps at times, but, in my opinion, even Gobert’s immense talent cannot overcome the dearth of testing and development Bimota is apparently taking into this year’s WSB season. Then again, maybe Gobert will surprise us all. He’s done it before.