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Daytona Practice Times Show Mladin (Superbike) and Nicky (600) Quickest

Official practice began yesterday for this weekend’s AMA Superbike race at Daytona International Raceway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Practice also took place for the AMA 600cc Super Sport race this weekend.

Yoshimura Suzuki’s Mat Mladin was quickest during the first day of official practice, with Kawasaki’s Doug Chandler and Honda’s Nicky Hayden second and third fastest in the Superbike category, respectively.

Honda’s Miguel Duhamel was having neck pain that limited his time on the superbike, and kept him from riding practice at all on the 600. There is no indication that Duhamel will miss today’s practice sessions and qualifying, or that he will miss the racing this weekend.

In 600 Super Sport practice, Honda’s Nicky Hayden went quickest around the high speed track, with Kawasaki’s new team member, Eric Bostrom, second fastest. Below are the official times reported by the AMA for the top 10 riders in each category.

Miguel Duhamel recently stated that he would really “go for it” during qualifying for Sunday’s prestigious AMA Superbike 200 mile race — he wants the coveted gold Rolex watch awarded to the pole winner. We’ll keep you posted.

Friday afternoon Chevy Trucks Superbike practice times

  1. Mat Mladin (1:50.123)
  2. Doug Chandler (1:50.903)
  3. Nicky Hayden (1:51.091)
  4. Larry Pegram (1:51.106)
  5. Troy Bayliss (1:51.635)
  6. Aaron Yates (1:51.900)
  7. Eric Bostrom (1:52.187)
  8. Tommy Hayden (1:52.209)
  9. Steve Rapp (1:52.525)
  10. Jason Pridmore (1:53.049)

Friday afternoon Pro Honda Oils 600 Super Sport practice times

  1. Nicky Hayden (1:55.115)
  2. Eric Bostrom (1:55.619)
  3. Kurtis Roberts (1:55.904)
  4. Doug Chandler (1:56.066)
  5. T. Saeby (1:56.725)
  6. Jason Pridmore (1:56.766)
  7. Tommy Hayden (1:56.800)
  8. Joshua Hayes (1:57.047)
  9. Jamie Hacking (1:57.155)
  10. John Hopkins (1:57.287)
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