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Kurtis Roberts Takes It Up a Notch

With all the attention given to the Hayden brothers lately, Kenny Roberts’ youngest son, Kurtis Roberts, might go unnoticed. Sure, he is the current Formula Extreme champion, and the winner of last week’s AMA 600 Supersport opening round at Daytona Beach, Florida, but he is relatively low profile. The Haydens get most of the headlines.

How good is Kurtis Roberts, anyway? Well, he’s been riding four-strokes less than two years (he learned his trade on GP-style two-strokes). He has not only tamed the awesome Formula Extreme bikes (which make more horsepower than Superbikes), he proved at Daytona that he can win in the hotly contested 600 Supersport class. In America, of course, several top Superbike riders also ride 600 Supersport (this is not the case in Europe). At Daytona, just when the experienced Superbike star, Doug Chandler, appeared to be running away from the field on the last lap, Kurtis Roberts took control and took the victory, over not only Chandler, but the likes of Miguel Duhamel, Eric Bostrom and others.

Just watch Kurtis Roberts in AMA 600 Supersport this year. He’s ready to make a statement.