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Ducati Redesigns Il Mostro

Every innovator in business (unless protected by patent or copyright law) suffers the same fate. Your competitors copy you. Even more, they tweak your design to improve it. Such is the fate of Ducati with its Monster.

Cagiva’s Raptor is only the latest model inspired by Ducati’s original Monster. Moreover, the Raptor features a modern, more powerful, liquid-cooled engine that takes performance well beyond the air-cooled Monster 900.

Ducati’s response? A new, thoroughly redesigned Monster featuring the six-speed, liquid-cooled 916cc motor formerly found in the 916 sportbike and currently residing in the ST4 sport-tourer.

The redesign goes beyond a mere motor swap, however. New, more complete instrumentation includes speedometer, tachometer, low oil pressure warning light, high beam indicator light, turn signal indicator lights, and water temperature gauge.

The fuel injected motor produces in excess of 100 horsepower, making the new Monster competive with its rivals.

The top of the line Monster (with the 916 motor) is undoubtedly heavier than the old, air-cooled 900, however. This may be the only drawback. We hope to have complete specs for the new bike posted later this week – in the meantime, enjoy these studio photos.