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2001 Honda European Introductions: Including a “Sport” Version of the 600

600F Standard and 600F Sport

Honda is saving the biggest, and most significant, new 2001 models for its Las Vegas dealers’ show later this week. In Europe, however, Honda has already unveiled several new models which should make it to the United States, including a significantly revised CBR600F4, and a 600F4 “sport” model.

The revised 600 includes, as expected, programmed fuel injection. Many, many other modifications to the 600 have been made, however.

Among the changes to the 600 is the new styling of both the standard and the sport models. The pictures reveal revised nose and tail sections, with a “monoposto” look to the sport model. Honda didn’t stop there, however, as significant changes have been made to the frame and other aspects of the suspension and chassis.

We will have more detailed specifications later this week, but the new 600 includes a much larger airbox and re-designed ram air system to go along with the fuel injection, as well as improved emissions controls.

Significant, and likely effective, changes to the chassis increase rigidity while reducing weight. For example, the head area is stronger, the swingarm pivot is stronger, and more rigid, as is the swingarm.

The 600 also received modifications to its suspension — some aimed at reducing weight, and some aimed at increasing suspension performance. Additionally, Honda went to great effort to reduce the weight of the wheels and the brakes, and increase braking performance. Also, final gearing was changed (larger rear sprocket for quicker acceleration).

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<p>Like many other 2001 Honda models, the 600 receives a new, thin, light instrument panel, featuring several functions, including clock, engine temperature, and remaining fuel.</p>
<p>A lighter, yet more powerful, battery is another detail refinement to the CBR600F4.</p>
<p>The “sport” model introduced in Europe includes even more “aggressive” styling, particularly at the rear of the bike.  The black aluminum frame is evident in the photograph.  While the standard model weighs 374 pounds (slightly lighter than the 2000), the sport model is approximately two pounds lighter still.</p>
<p>The 2001 VTR1000 Super Hawk has several refinements, as well.  With slightly improved wind protection, along with higher and more comfortable handlebars, the Super Hawk has received (finally) a larger fuel tank (approximately 20 percent more fuel) to allow greater range of travel.  Expect minor engine refinements, including improved carburetion and ignition, to appear in the 2001 Super Hawk, as well.</p>
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