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All in the Family

This is a picture of my son Evan with Kenny Roberts, Jr. taken Sunday at Willow Springs Raceway. Kenny currently leads the 500 GP championship series, and will likely clinch that championship in the next round in Brazil this next weekend.

Kenny’s dad is a former three-time 500 GP roadracing champion, and his younger brother Kurtis just won the AMA 600 Supersport championship and the AMA Formula Extreme championship (Formula Extreme for the second year in a row).

Lots of sports involve family participation, but maybe none more than motorcycling. Motorcycling enthusiasm seems to pass, almost genetically, from one generation to the next in a family, as well.

If motorcyclists are a “special breed”, well, we enthusiasts just breed them don’t we?

Motorcycling can be dangerous, as we all know, and we all have our special ways of training our sons and daughters when they learn how to ride. When they inevitably end up being faster and better riders that we ever were, we have two reasons to be proud. First of all, they are our children. Secondly, they are our students, and we are their mentors.

Family starts out being special, but a family involved in motorcycling makes both our wonderful sport and our family even more special than they would be apart.

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