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McGrath Goes for Number Eight

We’ll have a 2001 supercross season preview article soon. In the meantime, I can’t help think about the remarkable run Jeremy McGrath has had. Forget about his talent for a minute. How do you stay virtually injury-free for eight years in the brutal sport of supercross?

Actually, the answer to that last question probably relates back to McGrath’s talent. He is rarely pushed hard enough to even think about riding over his head. Vuillemin did it last year, on occasion, and Esra Lusk has done it in recent years, as well. Jeremy still won’t ride over his head, and he still won’t crash.

Let’s face it. Most of the supercross tracks are “easy” for McGrath, even if other top riders find them challenging. His skill and experience is that far above most other riders. If he wins his eighth title next year, it won’t necessarily change the way we think of McGrath (he’s already the greatest supercross rider in history — by a large margin). It will become a testament, however, to a remarkable, continuing drive from a person who shouldn’t have any drive left. After all, he has nothing left to prove in the sport of supercross.