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AMA Versus World Superbike – Readers’ Responses

My article dated October 4, 2000 discussed my views on the talent level in next year’s AMA Superbike series. I compared it favorably to the talent in the World Superbike series. Here is what some of our readers thought.

  • I agree that the talent level is high in AMA road racing. However, let’s
    not forget that in WSB, the equipment seems to be a bigger deal. Look at the
    level of ability of Haga, Chili, and a lot other riders (watch for Hogsen
    next year). The only track where you can get a comparison is Laguna Seca,
    which most WSB riders dislike. I would like to see a match-up on some of the
    European tracks or perhaps Road America. It would be interesting!

  • Well, a very interesting article, indeed, SIR!
    In fact I believe you touched on why it was so damned exciting (prior to
    Y2K’s races) to see both the WSB riders and AMA guys at Laguna toughing it
    out on that marvelous race course.
    I think that you need to mention Bostrom (Eric) in this as well….after he
    got over his injuries, he has sprung back and will be a contender next
    year…..he has race wins in him!!
    I also think that if Ben Bostrom returns here, under the lure of a huge
    contract with Yamaha, then this truly will be a year to say that the WSB’s
    do not have all the hottest talent in the world…we would.
    Did you see how quickly Ben broke away in the Willow race last
    weekend….that was not a fluke and I think that Mladin ought to re-think
    his comments about Ben not being a factor (if he were here).
    Also, a note on your Mladin article: I sure hope so because I am tired of
    his arrogance and comments about the other riders here. He rarely if ever
    has anything to say positively about other riders in the series and that is
    getting tiresome. The guy is so full of himself, it’s hard to hoot and
    holler for him.
    Well, I thought 2000 was going to be a big one….it was in some ways, but
    2001 will be even better.
    I am looking forward to a possible Aprilia run here in the AMA’s. The
    stateside R7 should get the best parts, I hope; the RC51 will be sorted
    out for Duhamel, no doubt; Kocinsky will be a factor; Bostrom boys will
    be pushing hard; Haydens are maturing; never count our Chandler, although
    it would be nice to see some wins; and not to mention young Kurtis Roberts
    on an RC51!! What a season it should be!
    Thanks for the article.

  • Very Interesting and hard to argue against. If you put the AMA guys on the WSB tracks, I don’t think the AMA riders would see the winners circle very often. WSB riders on AMA tracks, would be even however, I don’t think very many WSB riders would be too interested in racing on all the AMA tracks.

  • I’d say until our guys start riding in all conditions
    and on any track, WSB riders are superior. I agree
    with you regarding AMA talent on a dry, safe, well
    maintained track. When AMA starts racing in the rain
    on the Isle of Mann and the like, successfully, I’ll
    agree with you completely.
    Speaking as someone who raced as an amateur in both
    Europe and the US for many years, the overall level of
    skill is vastly superior among Euro-riders.

  • Just wondering, Why do you think Honda throws 2 superkids like Hayden and Roberts at the same racing series when they really need to be is riding the international circuits like the GP500 or the WSB? How much would people like to see Roberts vs Roberts before the GP500s go bye-bye, and Hayden racing guys more on his level. Seems like a waste of talent to let either of them ride AMA, give that job to guys like DuHammel.
    As far as Kocinski – I may be biased being from NLR AR but at his best he is way faster than Mladin – either he hasnt got it in the tank anymore or he is not getting the support he needs to win. And Gobert ? Loser.. Too fat to fit his ass on a GP500, too lazy to do what it takes to win – at least Kocinski wants to win.

  • i don’t think so. you left out edwards, slight, chili, whitham, corser, and
    probably a few others. world is world. ama is america. interesting thought

  • Don’t forget Troy Bayliss (He almost blitzed the lot at Daytona ‘2000).

  • I agree with you that AMA has possibly the deepest pool in superbike racing. Looking at WSB, the riders that I would consider to be top-tier rider are Haga, Bayliss, Corser, Edward, and maybe Yanagawa (he could be a very good on a competitve bike). Chili and Slight I think are past their prime. I would agree that Haga is probably the best road racer in world, but perhaps it would be more appropriate to say he is the best in superbike level. Although Haga has done one GP before and got a 3rd place on the first try, which promoted him to say, “GPs are easy” but I don’t think it is fair to say he is the best in the world without having him giving a try in GP class. But you are right, he could be “arguably” the best in the world, right now.

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