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McGrath Comes Full Circle on Freestyle Motocross

Several years ago, seven-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath and his dad, Jack McGrath, had some very negative things to say about the leaders of the freestyle motocross movement. Indeed, there has been a feud, of sorts, between the “King of Supercross,” McGrath, and the “Godfather” of freestyle motocross, Mike Metzger.

Now, it appears that McGrath is trying freestyle motocross himself. Sure, McGrath has been doing his “nack-nack” for years, both on and off the supercross track. Now, according to reports, he is trying some of the gutsier FMX moves, including the “Hart attack” and “superman seat grab” among others.

What does this mean? In some ways, FMX has already surpassed supercross in terms of mainstream media exposure — with the X-Games and Gravity Games, among other television events. In the minds of some, FMX has become the ultimate “extreme” sport, surpassing BMX and skateboarding.

Does McGrath want in on the FMX action? Or is he simply practicing these moves for new videos he is planning to create? In any event, it is interesting to see McGrath’s gradual acceptance, and participation in, this new sport.

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