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Greg Albertyn: A Class Act Says Goodbye to Our Sport

As far as we can tell, Greg Albertyn’s final ride as a professional motocross/supercross rider is in the final round of the World Supercross championship held in Germany this weekend. The Suzuki star, who won the U.S. 250 Outdoor National Motocross championship last year, is a three-time World champion (once on a 125 and twice in the 250 class).

With those three World championships in hand, Albertyn took on the AMA 250 Supercross and Outdoor National Motocross competition in 1996. Greg seemed to find nothing but bad luck the first few years, frequently getting injured during the Supercross season, and entering the Outdoor National Motocross season (which should have been his strength) while hurt. His attitude towards the press and his fans, however, never changed.

Greg was polite, positive, and fully accepting of responsibility for his performance on the track. He is one of the few riders that I never heard blame someone else or his equipment for a sub-par result. This is a pretty amazing fact in itself these days.

In 1999, “Albee” finally captured his AMA championship — the 250 Outdoor National Motocross championship. This year, while defending that number one plate, Albee struggled again with injuries, and ultimately decided to call it quits.

Albertyn’s outstanding record as a racer warrants this article by MD, but that’s not really why we are writing it. We are saluting the whole package — a great racer, a great sport, and a even greater man. Best of luck to you Albee, and thanks for elevating our sport.