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The Roadracing Privateer Tests Hi Point Forged Aluminum Wheels

When MD contacted Stig Pettersson from Pettersson Pro Suspension to do some suspension work on the my R6 race bike, Stig asked if we could test a new product he was distributing. He went on to explain that this new product was a break-through in motorcycle wheel technology, and he was very proud to represent a quality product such as Hi Point’s new wheels.

After a brief explanation about the manufacturing process, Stig showed us the very trick looking wheels. They come in a variety of finishes, from anodized to raw machined aluminum. Stig stated that one of the best features is Hi Point’s claim of a 7-8 pound weight savings, and they are about five times stronger than magnesium.

When ordered for a specific application, they come ready to accept stock rotors and a ZX9R-type sprocket, so no expensive or hard-to-find parts are needed.

When we mounted up a set of the gold anodized wheels on the R6, it gave it a factory works bike look. While doing the initial testing at Willow Springs, I tried out Hi Point’s creation shod with Michelin Pilots. Wow, what a difference! The first thing you notice is how much quicker the bike turns in. You’d better turn up the steering damper, as you’ll just “think” it into turns after several laps. Next I noticed how the bike seemed to accelerate just a little better off of turns. Not incredibly faster, just a little quicker. The next thing that stood out was how well I could go in a little farther on the brakes without the bike wanting to stand up.

After several laps I was a believer. I have to get a set of these for my own use. Pricing on the wheels start at about $1,900.00 per set depending on your application, but it is money well spent for serious enthusiasts or racers looking for that extra edge.

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