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Could Carmichael Become the Man to Beat in Supercross?

Ricky Carmichael’s stunning victory last week in San Diego, California at Round Two of the AMA 250 Supercross series showed that Carmichael may be ready to transfer some of his outdoor riding skills to supercross. Namely, his consistency and refusal to accept second place. If Carmichael is finally gaining confidence as a 250 supercross rider, the competition could be in trouble.

With four Outdoor National championships already in hand, Carmichael is largely regarded as the fastest outdoor motocross rider in the world. Although he won an East Coast 125cc supercross championship, the 250cc supercross championship has eluded him. Coming off a convincing 250 Outdoor National championship last year, Carmichael finally seems comfortable on the 250cc machine, and he has never been one to look back once he takes the lead in a championship series.

He is now tied with Jeremy McGrath in 250cc supercross points. If Carmichael comes on strong in the next few rounds, it could be his year . . . and his championship. We’ll see.

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