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Gobert Shows Another Side

After winning the CCS GTU race at the Streets of Willow Springs in Southern California on Saturday, notorious “Bad Boy” Anthony Gobert did something that showed another side of his interesting personality. After collecting his winnings for this local pro race (while testing his Yamaha R6 supersport mount), he handed the money back to the race organizers and asked that they donate it to the corner workers’ fund.

He didn’t exactly help an elderly woman cross a busy intersection, but he still has done a good deed. With gestures such as this, Anthony appears to be hard at work proving he has begun to take his career seriously.

Yamaha has taken some undo criticism on their decision to hire him, but by the end of the upcoming season that decision could prove to be genius. The only thing Anthony may need to be concerned with now is little brother Aaron who will be riding a Yamaha backed Graves Motorsports R6 along side him in the AMA 600 Supersport series beginning in March. Aaron, according to knowledgeable industry observers, is every bit as talented as his older brother!

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