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Dave Schultz Was The Man

MD tries to cover a little bit of everything in the world of motorcycling. Sometimes, however, we miss something quite significant.

A reader of ours pointed out that the death of drag racer Dave Schultz was more than big news in this motorcycling world of ours, it was the chance to highlight the life of a special person.

Schultz had unparalleled success in the world of motorcycle drag racing, winning a record six NHRA Pro Stock titles and 45 career NHRA National event wins. Last August, however, Schultz was diagnosed with colon cancer, and maybe his greatest victory was over the fear that cancer strikes in lesser men. has several articles about Schultz, but the one that caught my attention was titled “Dave’s Secret World”. It is this article that lets us inside the real Dave Schultz, and shows us that he was much more than a great motorcycle drag racer.

Take a look at the article over on, and read the other news about Dave’s accomplishments. Motorcycle drag racing is not my favorite sport, but motorcyclists with determination and heart like Dave Schultz are my favorite riders. MD’s sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dave Schultz.