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Honda Four-Stroke Motocrosser in Dealers Soon

The Internet is an amazing communication device. In the last few days, motocross enthusiasts have posted several messages indicating that more than one Honda dealer has announced that Honda’s 450cc, four-stroke motocross machine will be on sale at U.S. dealers as early as June of this year.

Honda, in its drive towards self-proclaimed “industry dominance” has brought more than one new model to market quicker than anticipated. Their Yamaha YZ426F challenger is the latest.

Honda’s Sebastien Tortelli, speaking to employees of a motorcycle dealer in his hometown of Temecula, California, stated he had tested the YZ4526F back-to-back with the new Honda. Although clearly biased (he is a Honda employee, after all), he indicated that the Honda turns much better than the Yamaha, makes significantly more power, and revs quicker (more two-stroke like).

Yamaha, of course, is expected to introduce an all-new, big-bore YZF next year (displacing in the neighborhood of 470cc). It should get interesting.

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