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Aaron Slight Leaves AMA Superbike Team After Strongly Criticizing Daytona 200

More than one news source is reporting that Aaron Slight, who rode for the AMA Superbike Ducati team, Competition, has decided to forego further racing here in the United States this year in favor of racing cars in the British Touring Car championship.

Slight was very critical of procedures followed during the Daytona 200 roadrace two weeks ago.

With the loss of Scott Russell to injuries, Ducati’s two AMA superbike teams now have half the riders they started with. Replacement riders during this time of the season are hard to find, but Tom Kipp has been mentioned as a possibility for one of the spots.

The loss of Slight is disappointing for a number of reasons. A multi-time WSB race winner, and WSB championship runner-up, Slight brought some real class to the AMA series, not to mention great talent. His stinging criticisms of the handling of the safety issues that arose during the Daytona 200 (some of which have been echoed by other riders and analysts) may or may not have had something to do with his decision.

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