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Grandstand Motocross Bike Stand: MD Product Review

There is nothing new about an aluminum bike stand, but Grandstand has come up with a different design that has significant benefits for many motocross riders.

The standard motocross stand (see picture at right) is quite tall when laid on its side. The Grandstand folds like a ladder, and is less than half the height of your motocross stand. Big deal? You bet it is, when space is at a premium on the way to the track or your favorite riding area. The Grandstand will not only fit under your bike (unlike a standard stand), it will easily fit inside your truck.

How does it work as a stand? Aside from its ability to fold into a much smaller and more easily carried object, the Grandstand works well as a bike stand. It is very light, but during our testing seemed plenty durable. It has a non-slip top, and I particularly like the wide (side to side) and narrow (front to back) design of the top. The square top of the traditional bike stand isn’t wide enough (side to side), and is unnecessarily long (front to back).

With a retail price of $64.95, the Grandstand presents a usefully innovative design to a product found in every motocrossers’ garage. Grandstand has a web site here if you would like more details, or would like to order one.

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