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McGrath . . . Still the Man?

With the incredible dominance of Ricky Carmichael in this years’ AMA Supercross series, is it possible for Jeremy McGrath to respond next year and retire on top? Or has Carmichael simply raised the bar too high?

With seven AMA Supercross championships, Jeremy McGrath will likely go down as the greatest supercross rider in history, and he deserves that title. Nevertheless, we are witnessing an unusual phenomenon. An icon in the sport (McGrath) racing the new king (Carmichael) while still in his twenties and, arguably, riding as fast as he ever has. McGrath hasn’t had an answer to Carmichael’s speed this year, so far. As a result, Carmichael has a virtual lock on the championship (he could clinch it next week, two rounds early). Can McGrath respond next year?

Carmichael has stated from the beginning that he wanted to beat McGrath while McGrath was still fast. Taking the 250 supercross championship after McGrath retired would not satisfy Carmichael. McGrath is a great champion, however, and you can bet that he will do everything he can to be faster than Carmichael next season (possibly McGrath’s last).

We would like to hear from our readers. Can Jeremy McGrath take it up a notch next year, and defeat Carmichael for the AMA supercross crown? If so, what does he need to do (we realize, of course, that giving advice to Jeremy McGrath is absurd — he is a much better rider than the rest of us)? What will Travis Pastrana bring to the 250 class next year?

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