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Brake Discs: The Next Revolution

What if you could lock up your sticky front tire at 100 mph with relatively light pressure from a single finger on the front brake lever? This is impossible with the current brake discs and calipers used on production motorcycles, but it could be possible very soon.

Ceramic brake discs and other interesting composite discs are on their way. You can already buy a Porsche automobile with ceramic discs and after-market discs are available for motorcycles. Some of these new disc materials combine the best of all worlds, i.e., lighter weight, higher levels of friction, and quicker heat dissipation. Indeed, with the braking power that is rumored to be available from some of these new discs, dual disc front brakes may become a thing of the past (a single disc can do the job more efficiently, and with less unsprung weight).

It will be interesting to see which manufacturer is first to introduce this technology on a production motorcycle.

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