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Husqvarna Announces 2002 TE 400

You may have caught a glimpse several months ago of a four-stroke 250 enduro developed by Husqvarna. It turns out that Husky has also developed a 400cc version of that bike.

Below is the press information on Husky’s site (unedited). Note the extremely light weight of the electric-start enduro (a claimed 238 pounds dry). According to Husqvarna, the bike will be lighter than any other electric-start 400 enduro available (including those available from KTM and Hussaberg).

We hope to get the chance to test one. Don’t expect availability here in the U.S. for quite some time, however. Here is the press release:

For Husqvarna which is about to release a new dynasty of 4-stroke bikes into the market of all-terrain motorcycles, the year 2001 is definitely an important one.

After the TE 250 that was introduced at the last 6 Days of Enduro and has been Cyril Esquirol’s motorcycle since the beginning of the year in the world championship – allowing him to score excellent results – Husqvarna has now also disclosed the new TE 400 that has taken Stefan Merriman to victory in the second race of the Italian championship of enduro.

The tenets underlying the conception of this motorcycle are the ones of the 250: great compactness, the same structural philosophy as for the two-stroke range, a small engine and of course an electric start.

Aesthetically, the 400 and its sister with a smaller displacement look alike and would it not be for the sticker on the fork, the two models would probably get mixed up. As a matter of fact, the engine proves to be very compact and aesthetically pleasant.

For this displacement, the target was also a head bi-camshaft with a finger rocker arm that ensures a definitely dense distribution even at a higher number of revolutions. As on the 250, the engine is fitted with a balancing countershaft and an hydraulic clutch.

Great attention was paid to the reduction of the overall weight of the motorcycle that thanks to the use of valves in titanium, crank case covers and head in magnesium as well as a minimum of plastics and superstructures does not exceed 108 kg dry!!! A real record for the category.

Another major innovation is the adoption of a a new carburetor Mikuni TMR with flat valves that ensures the best performances.

The cyclist part has been completely reviewed as regards layouts and measures; the Marzocchi forks as well as the Sachs scock-absorbers are also new.

In every situation, the manoeuvrability shows indeed great improvements offering hence a better steering and a reference traction thanks particularly to a wheelbase of 1470 mm (compared to the previous 1485 mm) and a different caster angle.

Merriman after his victory will continue to develop the new bike, also in the upcoming races of the world championship of enduro.

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