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Reflecting on Anthony Gobert’s Sears Point Weekend

Yamaha's Anthony Gobert

When Yamaha hired Anthony Gobert to race the AMA Superbike and 600 Supersport series several months ago, many journalists and fans questioned their sanity. After all, despite Gobert’s prodigious talent, he had a history of getting into trouble with his teams and race sanctioning bodies. Many people had written him off.

Anthony Gobert’s performance at Sears Point Raceway last weekend was phenomenal. In hot, uncomfortable conditions, Gobert fought hard for two race victories in the two most competitive AMA classes, 600 Supersport and Superbike. In Superbike, he took Yamaha’s R7 to its first victory in the United States. Fighting a determined Nicky Hayden to the wire, Gobert did something no other Yamaha rider has been able to do in recent history, and he did it on a bike that has had trouble running at the front of the pack in AMA Superbike competition.

To say that his riding at Sears Point was brilliant would be an understatement. Wringing everything he could out of his 600 Supersport machine and the R7 Superbike, Gobert nevertheless looked relaxed and smooth. Nicky Hayden was clearly left in shock after the Superbike race.

Gobert’s competitive fire is burning brightly, as evidenced by his comment at the end of the Superbike race. He stated he didn’t want Nicky Hayden to beat him in their first Superbike dice together. It was important for Gobert to make a statement to Hayden. In the process, Gobert made a statement to the rest of the AMA riders and teams, as well. Look out!

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