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Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

The Next Big Thing

Let’s see, now . . . we have seen four-stroke motocross bikes, liter-class sportbikes, and slow, overweight, air cooled, v-twin cruisers with flexi frames and poor brakes all explode in popularity. Sometimes, you can predict that a new bike category will be successful, and sometimes you can’t.

Assuming that MD’s readers have brilliant insights into the motorcycling industry, let’s predict the next big thing in motorcycling. What will it be? We need a new category. Something unexpected. We can’t really look forward to an even lighter, more powerful open-class sportbike. The bikes in that category are already too good for mere mortals. Besides, what would the reviews look like? “Gee, this one will wheelie over backwards in fourth gear at 150 mph without using the clutch!” “This one will do 7.3 second quarter miles with the optional six foot swingarm attached.”

We need to go in a new direction. Any suggestions? E-mail us. You will be heard.

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