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Yamaha Introduces New Power Cruiser and Re-Vamped Motocrossers for 2002

Since Yamaha did not get us a press kit in time, we will refer you to Yamaha’s web site for news on significant new models for 2002 introduced in Las Vegas last evening.

These include the Road Star Warrior, a 1670cc power cruiser designed to take on Honda’s VTX1800. Highlights include an aluminum frame and high grade suspension and brakes designed to allow the bike to handle significantly better than a traditional cruiser. Yamaha claims the bike is approximately 120 pounds lighter than the Honda VTX, but puts out similar torque and horsepower. The power and torque claims seem optimistic given the displacement deficit and pushrod design.

Yamaha’s motocross line-up includes an all-new YZ85, as well as thoroughly revised YZ 125 and 250. The YZ 125 and 250 feature new frames (stiffer and lighter), new swingarms, new front hub, revised suspension settings and motor tweaks.

The four-stroke motocross line-up is largely unchanged (the YZ250F and YZ426F return) except for detail improvements, including stiffer swingarms and larger rear brake discs (among other minor changes).

Check out Yamaha’s U.S. web site for details and photographs.

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