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Suzuki Announces 2002 Motocross Line Up, Including All New RM85

Suzuki's 2002 RM85
2002 RM85

Last year, Suzuki introduced entirely new 125cc and 250cc two-stroke motocross models, the RM125 and RM250. We had a chance to test the RM250, and were very impressed.

This year, the big motocross news from Suzuki is an all-new RM85. With 85cc of displacement legal in the 80cc class, Kawasaki boosted the displacement of its stock machine last year, and Suzuki has responded quickly. The RM85 has an entirely new frame, seat and plastic, as well as an entirely new 84.7cc case-reed engine that Suzuki claims produces significantly more power and torque than the smaller motor it replaces.

The new engine design includes a new Keihin PE28 carburetor and larger capacity radiator.

At first glance, the most obvious change is the inverted 37mm Showa fork (Suzuki was the last bike in the class with a conventional-style fork last year). The fork, like the shock, comes with adjustable compression and rebound damping.

We will be testing the new RM85 when test units become available in a few months.

You wouldn’t expect Suzuki to replace its entirely new RM125 and 250, but significant changes arrive this year, nonetheless. On the RM125, Suzuki, among other changes, provides new exhaust valves, reduced piston-to-cylinder clearance for improved compression, and increased transmission durability.

The RM125 also receives increased rake and trail for improved steering performance, along with increased frame rigidity (courtesy of a thicker reinforcement plate behind the steering head).

A new swingarm design is intended to increase rigidity at the pivot point. The RM125 also receives changes to its fork and shock which reduce the weight of the units and refine their performance.

The 2002 RM250 also receives changes to its exhaust port and exhaust valve system, along with improved crankshaft balance (for reduced engine vibration). The RM250 has a new exhaust system, and reduced piston-to-cylinder clearance. The 250 also receives a beefed-up transmission.

Like the 125, the 250 gets a new, stronger swingarm and revisions to its fork to improve performance.

All of the new RMs should become available at your dealer within the next few months (with the RM85 likely to arrive last). MSRP for the RM85, RM125 and RM250 are $3,099.00, $4,999.00 and $5,899.00, respectively. Suzuki’s generous racer contingency program continues this year with over $3 million in cash and certificates available.

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