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Eric Bostrom’s Victory at Loudon and Mladin’s Punishment

Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom

Yesterday, Kawasaki’s Eric Bostrom broke through to win his first superbike race of this AMA season, with Suzuki’s Mat Mladin hounding him the entire race and finishing a close second.

The AMA also announced a $5,000.00 fine against Mladin, and stripped Mladin of a single championship point, as a result of comments Mladin made at a press conference following qualifying for the superbike race during the weekend.

We have seen most of Mladin’s comments (look at for Saturday’s post-qualifying press conference), and, although we do not always agree with Mladin, his comments about safety were largely accurate (from what we can tell, and from the concurrence of fellow competitors). Loudon has always been a dangerous track, and claims that the track has been significantly changed to increase safety for superbike racers is something that is controverted not only by Mladin, but by most (if not all) of the other riders.

Superbike Final Race Results (Top 10)

1.	Eric Bostrom		#32	KAWASAKI
2.	Mat Mladin		#1	SUZUKI
3.	Aaron Yates		#20	SUZUKI
4.	Nicky Hayden		#69	HONDA
5.	Jamie Hacking		#92	SUZUKI
6.	Doug Chandler		#10	KAWASAKI
7.	Steve Rapp		#82	DUCATI
8.	Miguel Duhamel		#17	HONDA
9.	Tommy Hayden		#22	YAMAHA
10.	Larry Pegram		#72	DUCATI

Superbike Points Standing (Top 10)

1.	Mat Mladin		#1	SUZUKI		230 pts.
2.	Eric Bostrom		#32	KAWASAKI	200 pts.
3.	Nicky Hayden		#69	HONDA		163 pts.
4.	Doug Chandler		#10	KAWASAKI	163 pts.
5.	Tommy Hayden		#22	YAMAHA		161 pts.
6.	Aaron Yates		#20	SUZUKI		155 pts.
7.	Jamie Hacking		#92	SUZUKI		136 pts.
8.	Miguel Duhamel		#17	HONDA		136 pts.
9.	Larry Pegram		#72	DUCATI		133 pts.
10.	Anthony Gobert		#16	YAMAHA		126 pts.
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