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MD Product Review: G-Sport GS3 Motocross Pants and Jersey

I have been riding dirt bikes an awful long time, and I have worn plenty of riding gear over the years. For the most part, the major gear manufacturers stick with the tried-and-true formula when it comes to design. Sometimes, it takes a smaller company to do something innovative. G-Sport International is a riding gear manufacturer started by California pro Russ Somers. We were given G-Sport’s GS3 pants and jersey to test a while ago. We are impressed.

Frankly, the G-Sport gear is the most comfortable I’ve worn. I was particularly pleased by the adjustable, Velcro cuffs, which allowed me to make the jersey loose at the wrists (providing more comfort and more air through the jersey). This is a nice touch, and I am sure it adds significantly to the manufacturing costs of the jersey. Aside from the cuffs, the jersey has heavily vented sides and arms.

The pants were extremely comfortable — again, probably the most comfortable motocross pants I have worn to date. They breathe well, and stretched to the contours of my body. The pants seem to provide more room than most competitors’ pants. With a 34 inch waist and large thighs and butt, I frequently find motocross pants too tight in the legs and butt areas. I didn’t feel this way with the G-Sport, but they didn’t feel loose, either.

The bottom line is this. If you’ve been wearing the major manufacturers’ motocross pants and jerseys for years, try something different. Try the G-Sport GS3 pant and jersey. You won’t be disappointed, and you might just agree with me that the comfort is outstanding. By the way, we not only rode moto and trail with this gear, my son Alex and I torture tested the gear on a three-day trip through Baja (approximately 350 miles of riding). After getting back from Baja, the gear was so filthy, and the dirt so heavily ground in, that I didn’t think a washing would fully clean the gear or have it looking anything like new. I was wrong. The G-Sport gear is really quite durable.

G-Sport’s website has all the details and ordering information. The GS3 pant retails for $149.99 and is available in four different color combinations. The matching GS3 jersey retails for $49.99.

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